Europe is one of those places where you could visit a location a day and die without ever seeing the rest of it.  There are so many destinations that it’s hard to choose which places to visit, but if you like cycling and you love Europe, you might consider a few of the top locations for bike tours around the world, specifically in Europe.  In this list for the best bike tours around the world, we will be including Croatia, Switzerland, and Czech, Austria.  Each bike tour has its own prices and accommodations as well as the amount of miles you will have to bike each day, so be sure to read the entire description and make sure this is a trip that you not only can do, but want to do as well. 

Baltic States

If you ever wanted to travel to the Baltic States, but you never had the time or the money, this is one you should check out.  Unlike a regular vacation, this one includes everything you need for your destination cycle tour.  It allows you to travel through some really amazing locations which include Russia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania – the Baltic States.  You will be able to sightsee and see all sorts of cool cultural and historical highlights which included National Parks, beaches, sand dunes, castles, a summer Palace and quite a few churches and monasteries.  Since this tour gets a lot of mixed people, the tour is communicated in both English and Dutch.  The cost is around $2000 and you will need to travel 12-34 miles per day throughout your 8 day trip.  You will also be glad to know that breakfast is included, with private hotel rooms, bike rentals and a city to city transport to help with things like luggage.


This bike tour is a 6 day 5 night trip.  Each day you will be doing something different and going someplace different.  Most of the websites that you purchase your cycling tour for Croatia will include a pre-itinerary so you can see what you will be doing each day and where you will be going.   Croatia is an amazing location, especially if you love the water because you will be mainly exploring the Dalmatian Coast – beautiful blue waters as clear as glass, olive trees in the most unsuspecting places and vineyards as far as the eyes can see!  The cost of this trip is around $5,000 for double occupancy and only $1500 for single occupancy but included in the travel package are things like luxurious hotel accommodations, gourmet meals, luggage transfers, Garmin touring GPS tech, a custom itinerary and local experts just to name a few.


This is by far one of the most promising and popular bike tours around the world.  It’s also one of the only tours that starts around a famous lake in Switzerland called Lake Leman – it’s one of the largest lakes in Western Europe.  This tour takes you inland towards Gstaad, Grindelwald and the Lauterbrunnen valley.  Though Switzerland is a small country, it’s still famous for things like its Alpine landscape and local delicacies like Racelette and Fondue.  This location also has a variety of terrains including 4000 meters of amazing landscape and over 17 peaks.  This is a 6 day tour, 5 nights that includes things like Montreux to Chateaux D’Oex festival – for hot air balloons, a famous ski resort and a lot of amazing historical and cultural events and landmarks.  Your hotels you can choose from include Alpina Gstaad, Chalet Royalp and Romantik Schweizerhof just to name a few – these are all considered are ski chalets or luxury hotels so you are sure to find something you love.

Czech and Austria Tours

The Czech Republic has something very familiar and significant – the red tiled roofs of the village homes and businesses as well as beautiful forests and you as a biker will get to experience this and so much more for your Czech and Austria bike tours.  You will comb through a country that is known for pure elegance, down through the countryside which all have a history and a story behind them, through the forests and everywhere else in between.  This is a six day, 5 night tour which starts in Vienna where you take a shuttle down to the Castle of Senftenberg to meet for a very nice and light lunch.  From there, you will start your first ride of the trip through the Wachau Valley.  This is one of the easier rides of the 6 days since it’s just the start, but be sure to be ready for Alpine mountains, hills and cascades as well.

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