If your little boy is like most, he loves to spend time getting into messes, playing with toy cars, and hanging outside. When his birthday is coming up, he’s relentless. He already has a list of the new video games and other toys he wants you to buy him. Right before his birthday he spends time looking for the super secret gift hiding place in the house. If you are planning a birthday for this little guy he’s in for a big surprise that isn’t in the usual hiding place. Here you will find the best ideas about kids birthday parties in Woodbridge.

Choose Your Theme

  • Toy car party

 Toy cars are one thing most households with boys won’t be without. When hosting this kind of party try setting up an area to race the cars inside or outside. It’s fun to have parties like this because most of the time boys will bring their own and it’s a trading frenzy.

  • Pirates party

This party will get you saying, “Ahoy, matey!” It’s fun to invite the kids over and have them dress like pirates. You could even have an activity where they make their own pirate hats using construction paper, glue, markers, and feathers.

  • Bowling party

Bowling is a fun way to bring kids together. You can call ahead to see what it might cost to have the party at the local bowling alley. If it’s a large group have other parents chip in for their child. If going to a bowling alley is not a possibility there are plastic sets you can buy from the toy store.

  • Lego party

The decorations for this kind of party are endless. The boys will be able to play with the Legos, but decorating with them will take the parents back in time. If you want a tip for something sweet, there are new ideas for cupcakes that have sugar building blocks.

  • Sports party

Sports are great for a large backyard or park. If it’s summer and you are close to the park invite the boys to bring a ball, bat, or glove. This is a great way for the kids to get exercise and have a great time.

  • Outer space party

Some cities have planetariums nearby and love to have kids visit. If you don’t live near one you can still have a party out of this world. You could turn this party into a slumber party with space themed movies or just have fun space décor.

  • Farm party

If you live near a petting farm this would be a great time to take the kids to see some animals. This is nice because a lot of kids don’t get to do this often and it’s a unique kind of party.

  • Fishing party

Take the kids to a park that has a big pond. This can be a lot of fun for the parents too, but you will need other parents willing to stay in order to supervise.

Where’s the Party?

Boys like to go outside and hangout as much as possible.  If the weather is nice you might be able to take the kids to the park to play baseball or basketball. Just have the boys bring their own sports equipment.

Party Favors

Visit the local craft store and pick up some wooden letters and kids paint. This is a fun way to have the kids make something to take home. The letters are for their name so that they can be hung up, glued, or nailed to something. If that’s too much work you can buy party favors to match the theme of the birthday. It’s less expensive to buy them online in bulk.

Food, Food, Food!

Boys love to eat! Just keep in mind the location of the birthday party; if you are going to be far away from your kitchen you might consider ordering take out. It would be a good idea to have the parents write down any food allergies the kids might have on the RSVP. If you have decided to have the party at the park make sure to bring water bottles. Some of the parks do not have working water fountains and you don’t want the kids to get dehydrated.

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