Every single year around June, 30 or so bike manufactures gather in Utah to reveal their most high tech and compelling bike products for the upcoming year.  This is a great way to get an idea of what is popular for that year, what’s trending and what people are buying the most of when it comes to wearable tech for bike riders.  If you love technology and you want to include that into your custom bike tour, get ready for some cool products below.  They include everything from wearable tech helmets, Fabric ALM Saddle, BKool Connect Sport Trainer and more.  So exciting!  Check these and much more out below.  Remember, these are all of the popular items for 2015!

Smith Overtake Helmet

This neon green and black helmet might look like just a regular helmet, but it’s certainly not.  In fact, it’s supposed to be a full coverage, all mountain helmet that is lighter than any other helmet out there right now and its more protective than anything scene before.  It’s got a honeycomb shape which is said to absorb more than 30% energy than a traditional foam helmet.  If that’s not enough for you, it also includes heavy ventilation so that you will sweat less under the helmet.  It has a really slim and trim design, which makes it surprising that it’s so safe and it’s said to be one of the top aero helmets in the industry.  Not only is this helmet about looks and ventilation though, it also has storage – yes storage!  There is a storage place for your sunglasses.  This specific helmet weight around 250 grams, and I assure you that almost no one else has one that weighs this less.  It is a tad expensive, but when you want the best, sometimes you have to be willing to pay a little more – $250.

BKool Connect Sport Trainer

If you take bike riding as serious as most people, you will probably find this tech item pretty cool.  It’s also good for novice riders too that want a little practice before getting out on the road.  This is sort of like a simulation flyer for pilots, but instead it’s a simulation for bike riders.  This sport trainer which costs around $650 is a resistance trainer that you can use right at your very own computer.  It’s a web accessible application that allows you to run the gambit of all sorts of routes including rolling plains, flat roads and mountains just to name a few.  You can ride whatever types of archived routes that you want.  If you find a specific route that you really like you can run the app while you ride it indoors, upload it to the cloud and then ride it whenever you want to ride it.

Stats Checker – 4iiii Cliiiimb

This might look like something really futuristic, but I can assure you, its still 2015.  You do not warp into 3015!  This is a really cool device that is a heads up display HUD that literally mounts itself right on top of your sunglasses.  It’s an LED display which displays in front of your face and gives you all sorts of different features like letting you know when you are in your target heart rate zone and what it is at the moment, it has a coach that tells you how far you have ridden and how far you have to go, as well as tells you how far your virtual opponent is behind or ahead of you.

Siva Cycle Atom

If you tend to go on a custom bike tour and take your phone or iPod with you, you might have run into instances where the battery drained before you got to your next checkpoint.  It’s an unfortunate thing, but thanks to old technology updated to a more new type of technology, you can now ride your bike AND charge the battery at the same time.  This is a little gadget with a battery that is placed in a housing and then attached to your back wheel.  Every time you peddle your bike, you are essentially charging this battery.  It works in the same way that a wall charger does and it works as quickly too.  You can also use this to charge any USB compatible device as well for all you music lovers out there that want to enjoy your MP3 player while riding.  It’s a really sleek design and its quite small which means it doesn’t add any unwanted weight onto your bike.

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