The kids have been stuck inside all winter waiting to go outside and enjoy the sun.

If your child is lucky enough to have a summer birthday, having a big party is a must! Having space in the backyard is like an extension to the house. If you live near a park or a local playground this allows you to have more room to have outdoor games. If you’re going to be having a party for the kids you need have fun exciting games that only summer can host. Let’s check out some hot ideas for summertime birthdays.

Summertime Themes

Birthday party venues in Long Island suggest that if you are hosting a party for boys and girls you want to use a theme that both can enjoy. It’s not expensive to have a nice birthday party for your kids if you can think outside the box and don’t mind being a little bit handy. Here’s a list of summertime themes:

  • Scavenger Hunt party

Make a list of toys for kids to find. This would be best setup in the backyard because it’s more contained. Use the computer to create a fun map of where   things will be hidden based on riddles. The reward for the most items found could be a fun party favor.

  • Outdoor water party

Kids love water and summer is the perfect time of year to have a little splash of fun. If you don’t have a pool you can still have some fun. Fill a kiddy pool with water and toys made for water. If you have a safe backyard, you might be able to use a slip ‘n slide.

  • Firefighter party

If you live close to a fire station you might want to ask if they’d be willing to have kids visit the station during the party. Firefighters usually are open to showing kids the trucks and educating them on fire safety. You could have fun decorations to fit the mood for the party too.

  • Camping party

This would work if you have a big backyard and already have tents or the parents of the kids have tents. You could have a camping trip without going far. It would be a blast for the kids to have storytelling and S’mores.

  • Watch a movie outside party

If you can get your hands on a projector to rent or own, they are great for   watching movies outside. All you need is a white bed sheet to project the movie on. Just tie the sheet between two close trees or hang it from your house gutter. It’s more fun outside and feels like a drive-in movie theater in your backyard.

  • Angry Birds party

Everyone loves Angry Birds the game! You can create your own life-sized game in the backyard using boxes as stackable layers for stuffed animal pigs. You could draw a line with tape to throw stuffed animal birds at the boxes.

  • Zoo animal party

Kids love animals and having a zoo animal themed birthday party could be awesome. You could have zoo animal themed piñatas, food, and toys. Don’t forget the animal crackers!

Fun Summer Invites

If you are going to host a fun summer birthday party you need to have the cool invites to match. Making your own invitations is easier than it looks. Go to the local craft store and pickup some scrapbooking supplies. There are more options for creating invites with fun colorful paper and stickers in the photo section. This can also turn into a really fun craft for the kids. Creating the invites not only gets the kids excited about their party, but you have little helpers to bring the ideas to life. You might want to create the initial information about the party on the computer and print them out so that the kids can use glue to paste them to their handmade invites.

Favorite Summer Food

Every good birthday party has amazing food. In summertime you must fire up the grill. It’s fun to be outside and grilling keeps the messiness of food out of the house. The snacks can even mimic the theme of the birthday party. Instead of having a traditional birthday cake you could even have fun cupcakes. Cupcakes can be easier to decorate and kids can even take them home.

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