Once you see the store shelves laden with pumpkin goodies, cider and donuts, you just know that the holidays are not far off.  You may not have your holiday shopping ideas even formulated in your mind yet, let alone the presents bought, before your local radio stations start playing non-stop holiday music.  Groan – the whole holiday planning process is upon us.  It is also a good idea if you are involved in planning for a holiday party, to be proactive in scheduling that event so you are not disappointed when you start looking for a place to host your get together.  Finding the ideal venue for you holiday party is easy if you know what you are looking for and once you know your needs you can choose the perfect venue for your corporate holiday party in NJ! If you are in New Jersey there are many wonderful holiday party venues for you to choose from, many of them will even cater your event and help you build a theme specific to your business!

The date and locale for your party

So, you’re feeling pretty smart that you’ve lined up a location for your holiday party.  Whew!  That’s a load off your mind.  But there are many more details to attend to beforehand to make the holiday party perfect and go seamlessly.  Some of these details should be undertaken months before the actual party date, otherwise, you will be kicking yourself for waiting so long and needing to take second best, or an alternative choice, which you might not be happy with.

Tips to get started:


In this day and age, while hard copies of holiday party invitations may be considered proper etiquette, it is not necessary to burden yourself with this added chore if you have an electronic contact list of all attendees.  So, once you have the particulars of the party venue, be sure to get the word out as quickly as possible so people can set that date aside.  Now is your chance to be creative…


Once you’ve lined up a venue for the party, whether it is a company event, or a gathering for friends and family, picking the right music is another item you must do well in advance of the event.  Be sure to scope out any bands and book them as soon as possible to ensure you beat the rush for the entertainment, especially if it is a weekend date.  If you’re using a DJ, likewise, you need to get someone in place, either by searching on the internet or by word of mouth.

Food and beverages

Unless you are having a holiday party with a particular theme, you should ensure that your menu is put into place early in the planning phase of the holiday party.  The hall or building that you will be utilizing will surely be able to offer you pointers in this regard.  For example, sometimes they will allow you to bring your own food and beverages in and you will have the benefit of their kitchen, including ovens and/or steamtables to keep the food piping hot and refrigerators to keep appetizers and desserts chilled at the proper temperature.  Likewise for beverages.  On the other hand, if you choose not to bring in your own food and beverages, you may choose to have the facility cater the event or use a third-party caterer.  Use of a third-party caterer should be done with care.  Use the internet to research the menu offerings, and scope out any reviews before tendering a deposit.  Will you opt for a buffet-style meal or individual sit-down meals?  If individual sit-down meals, determine if you may get a menu in advance since some attendees may not be meat eaters or are vegetarian.  Be sure to determine if you will be charged for a meal if you have any no-shows – you may say “no one will miss this party”, but, you need to take into consideration that wicked Winter weather or illness might come into play, causing many people to cancel at the last minute.  Be sure to check and see if the venue will provide glassware and dinnerware for your meals, or whether the caterer will do so, or, whether you must procure disposable plates and glasses for the meal.  Consider setting up a dessert station with small portions and smaller quantities rather than full-sized desserts, especially if it will be a heavy meal.

A perfect party

You know that the fun and finer details of party planning are a piece of cake.  And admit it… after the grunt work and drudgery of an event is already finished, THEN your friends and family, or co-workers, want to get involved.  So, be sure to recruit “helpers” to decorate or plan gag gifts and/or activities for the event.

One more detail

New Jersey is one of several states with a “dram shop” law.  Basically, what this means is that anyone who profits from the sale of alcoholic beverages should be held liable for any resulting damages.  Some companies, when holding a holiday party, will limit the amount of “free” alcoholic beverages to two, and, any subsequent drinks must be paid for by the employee him/herself. Often, if people are paying for their own libations, they are less likely to over-indulge.  Likewise, if you are the host of a non-work-related holiday event, it would behoove you to likewise limit the drinks of your guests under the same principle as you don’t want to be responsible for their lives, or the lives of others, if they are intoxicated and get into an accident after leaving the venue.

Now, put your feet up and try to think of some creative ways to make this party your best yet… you’ve got this!