Insurance is a word that is thrown around a lot and it means quite a few different things, car insurance, health insurance, disability insurance, there is even pet insurance.  Simply put, insurance is when you (or a business) pay a small amount of money, this protects you against the unknown, a car accident, a health problem, or a pet getting sick..  These transfers protect you the individual from any risk, just in case something does happen.  There are quite a few different kinds of insurance in terms or protection types.  Below, we will be going over each type of insurance, benefits, information, etc.

Liability Insurance

When most people talk about liability insurance, they are talking about a court case, but this could also have to do with a business you work for or a business you have hired to do something for you for example; home remodeling.  Liability insurance is a sort of protection that is offered by insurance companies that essentially tell you that they will pay XX amount of dollars they pay versus what you will pay.  So say for instance that you have a company that is doing home remodeling for you, they are up on a ladder, and they fall, if that company has liability insurance, the insurance company will pay for things like lost wages, medical bills, medication, pain medication, etc.  They also may pay for things like pain and suffering from the accident.

Property Insurance

Unlike liability insurance that tends to be more flexible in how it works or comes into play, property insurance is usually pretty tangible.  When you have property insurance, this helps protect against physical properties that have been damaged or can no longer be used because of an accident.  When you deal with property insurance, there are things that is excludes protection against – these are called perils.  Something natural like fire and flooding is usually in any policy that you have because fire insurance is what property insurance is built upon – it’s the reason why property insurance first came to light.  If you are looking to purchase property insurance or if you want to learn more about the types of insurance out there you can contact an insurance company in New Jersey for information.

Insurance for Professionals

If you are a doctor or a lawyer, you probably have professional insurance wherever you work.  This is to keep you safe if you make a bad call or make a bad decision.  Usually this type of insurance is quite expensive, especially in fields like medical because doctors tend to make judgment calls more often that can lead to life or death, whereas lawyers don’t.  Not only is this type of protection used to safeguard doctors, but also pay to patients or patients families.

Is Insurance So Important?

Most people that have insurance actually never have to make a claim or do anything more than pay into it every month.  But, if you feel like it’s a waste of time and money, there is a good reason to have it, even if you aren’t aware of it.  Really, insurance is like an investment of sorts – but with a safety net.  It’s not only about protecting yourself and your investment, but it’s also there to protect other people as well.  Anyone at any age can get insurance; whether it be one of the options above, or another niche like health insurance, car insurance, etc. it’s always a good idea to pay into this investment for those just in case moments.