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tips for undocumented students applying to college

Tips For Undocumented Students Applying to College

Originally posted on: https://sayhellocollege.com/blog/tips-for-undocumented-students-applying-to-college/ Written by Rasha Myers Though they will face complications along the way, undocumented students are able to attend…

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How To Get A Perfect SAT Score

Many students believe scoring a perfect 1600 on the SATs is unobtainable. Even more students believe this fact requires extremely high intelligence. However, in actuality, it is possible to achieve a 1600, when students remain motivated, focused, and dedicate ample time to study and prepare. While students should do their best, a perfect SAT score will not hinder them from receiving acceptance to their dream college. In fact, most colleges are willing to look at a student’s super score, which considers the highest section of scores across all dates the student took the SAT. There is also no limit to number of times a student can retake the SAT; therefore, a student can select their best scores, making a once far-fetched dream of earning 1600 on their SAT, now entirely possible. Discover the best practice for how to get a perfect SAT score with both hard work and smart work.