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Life coaching

How Life Coaching Works

What do people mean when they say they are a life coach? You may have heard the term, but you aren’t alone if you still aren’t clear about what they do. The term may even conjure images of Tony Robbins exhorting you to live your best life. A google search turns up, among other things, Oprah’s website talking about the differences between a life coach and therapist (they aren’t the same).

A life coach is an individual who can help you take the next step in your personal or professional life. Essentially, a life coach works with people to develop a path to achieving their goals.  Regardless of whether their target is work, family, or something personal, a life coach works in much the same way as the coach of a sports team. He or she is an objective voice who holds their clients accountable through regular coaching sessions.  A life coach can help you pinpoint your strengths and your weaknesses and whatever it is that is holding you back.