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It has been more than a year since the coronavirus forever changed all of our lives not to mention our institutions. The global pandemic, however, has given educational institutions a chance to assess their performance and whether they are effectively serving the students who depend on them. With widely available vaccines rumored to be approved for kids under 12 in the coming weeks, education authorities need to ask how much we have learned about our educational system’s ability to change and how we can incorporate such changes into our post-Covid future.

Coronavirus has also disrupted how students prepare for admission to the nation’s colleges and universities. Trouble accessing the SAT and ACT became widespread during the early months of the pandemic, so higher education institutions started to rethink their testing requirements.  As a result, many colleges have made standardized testing optional and decided to focus instead on a more holistic admissions process.

While standardized test scores are not about to disappear anytime soon, their role has been reduced at some institutions. Consequently, there is a greater focus on other areas of the application. In response, many college admissions experts are enjoining prospective students to show off their passions and their personality more fully in the admissions process.

We offer advice and firsthand experience from a high school principal and New York City’s top educators covering a wide range of issues such as government funding, technology, and the common core curriculum. If you are an educator, student or parent who is about to begin the college application process or a student preparing to head back into the classroom, check our recent education blogs for the latest news and developments. We have also included blogs on standardized test preparation. If you need help or tips on how to get ready for the SAT, ACT, or AP exams, this is the perfect place to begin.

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