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artificial intelligence and the future of digital marketing

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Digital Marketing

Originally posted on: https://commonseoquestions.com/artificial-intelligence-and-the-future-of-digital-marketing/ Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to revolutionize the digital marketing industry by providing marketers with…

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2022 restaurant marketing

2022 Restaurant Marketing Strategies

With a sector as competitive as the restaurant industry, your marketing techniques need to evolve to stay ahead of the competition. As technology and consumer preferences change, restaurant marketing strategies need to reflect those changes. As the Covid pandemic changed people’s eating habits and their approach to eating out, the food service industry had no choice but to rely on digital marketing to keep their businesses afloat.

While traditional marketing strategies still have their place, digital marketing has taken center stage as the way for restaurants to engage with their target markets. Keeping that in mind, here are five online restaurant marketing strategies that will set your restaurant up for success in 2022.

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Content Marketing for Professionals

Today, good content is one of the hallmarks of any successful business, especially for those professional services that maintain an online presence.  Good content helps to attract new customers as well as helps to retain existing ones.  This is where marketing of this content can have an influence.  Content marketing for professionals includes the strategic use of various forms of digital content to grow a business.  Such content may include blog posts, videos, white papers, emailed newsletters, as well as social media content, just to name a few.  For today’s savvy business professionals, content marketing is an effective way to boost their business’s bottom line.  Read on to learn more about the many advantages of content marketing for today’s professionals.

digital marketing for lawyers

How to Promote a Lawyer

If it’s your job to promote a lawyer, you may find yourself with some headaches you never counted on. Whether you’re promoting yourself, another individual lawyer, or a law firm, finding prospective clients is a job all by itself. And getting those prospective clients to choose a lawyer you’re promoting may seem like an even tougher task. But promoting a lawyer actually is like promoting just about any other profession these days. In fact, promoting a lawyer may even be simpler today than ever, considering technology and social media. There are a number of concrete steps you can take that will help you promote a law practice and grow your business from one level to the next more quickly than you realized possible.

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Why Does Content Matter?


You might not be aware of it, unless you tend to do a lot of reading online, but did you know that when a person visits a website, they take all of 3-10 seconds to decide if it’s worth their time or not?  It’s true!  Not only does it have to do with the design of your website and the function of it (or lack of) but a big deciding point is the content on the website itself.  I know for me personally, I tend to be kind of snotty when it comes to content on a site I visit.  Even if I do a search on Google for something and it’s on the first page of the results or even the first spot – if I visit it and the content is not good; bad grammar, bad spelling, irrelevant or doesn’t make sense at all, I tend to close it out, and find a new site to visit.  When it comes to your website, content IS important and it will either make you or break you.  Here are a few things you need to consider when it comes to your website, or any content for that matter; blogs, social posts, forum posts, even emails!

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Social Media Marketing Versus SEO

Chances are if you have a website, business or even a product online, you are involved in either social media marketing or SEO – perhaps even both if you can manage it correctly.  One of the biggest debates among businesses is which option is considered to be the best in terms of return on investment and which one will get the most people to your website or to be aware of who you are, what you do, and what you offer.  Because of this debate, you are probably searching for answers as to what IS the best so that you can create better campaigns for your website and business.  While it’s all generalized, there are a few things you should be aware of when it comes down to this debate.  If you are interested in doing SEO or a social media marketing campaign for your business you should contact a top SEO specialist and discuss all of your options.


How to Choose an SEO Firm

Whether you work for a company and you’ve been tasked with finding a company that offers SEO or you have your own website and you need someone to do all of your SEO for you, you need to find a quality company.  While this seems like a simple feat, it’s not.  In fact, one of the first places you probably started to look was on the internet search engines.  You probably did a search for something like a top SEO expert and in the results you probably saw hundreds if not thousands of people in your area that offer SEO services.  This can be a really overwhelming and frustrating experience and even then, how can you be sure you actually chose the right company?  Below, I will be going over some tips to find the best SEO firm for your needs, as well as some common myths and misconceptions about SEO firms.