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If you want to grow your law firm’s client base, you have to realize that the days of depending solely on networking events and word-of-mouth referrals are long gone. Because we are living in an increasingly virtual world, digital marketing for the legal profession only continues to gain in importance. And today’s competitive marketplace means that law firms need to adapt their online marketing strategies if they want to remain competitive. Indeed, clients have come to expect tech-savvy law firms that can deliver on their marketing promises. Try the following online marketing tips to help your law firm increase its digital presence in 2022.

Create a User-Friendly and Mobile-Friendly Law Firm Website

Chances are that your website will be the first impression most people have of your law firm. When people need to hire a lawyer, they usually start by looking at a firm’s website. For this reason, having quality photographs along with clear and concise copy about the services you provide and the areas you cover is an absolute must. It also helps if you design specialized content such as web pages for each service you offer.

In addition to being clean and easy to navigate, your website should also make it simple for prospective clients to reach you. You need to remember that your website is a constant presence and an easy way to find important information about your law firm when you’re not available.

While most law firms already have their own website, they can become dated over time. Due to a constant demand for more comprehensive, user-friendly sites, firms need to make sure that they keep their sites updated. For instance, law firm websites need to be mobile compatible because a significant part of client searches will come from handheld devices going forward.

Bulk Up Your SEO Strategy

After creating and updating your website, it needs good content to support it. The idea is to offer valuable information to potential clients, so your site gets found easily on search engines. You want your firm to rank highly on Google search results when someone looks for one of your specialties, especially for local searches in your area.

Useful content will help you rank higher on Google and enable clients to find you. Search engines scan websites for content that reflects the intent of the searcher. Therefore, it’s important to pepper your site with terms that clients use when they search for legal help instead of focusing on legal jargon.

Your search engine optimization strategy should revolve around finding keywords and phrases relevant to your services and your practice areas. Although it requires a decent amount of time and effort, a dedicated SEO strategy is the most effective way for your law firm to get noticed online without spending too much money.

Use Video to Engage Your Target Audience

Since people often think of law firms as traditional and a bit formal, you should add some video content to your website; it can make your firm more relatable while providing relevant information at the same time. Videos can help answer common questions and shed light on legal concerns your audience may have. For these reasons, they are a great way to reach your target market. Indeed, many of the firms that rank highly on Google use video content. They are also perfect for promotional purposes because they work well on different channels such as social media.

Create a Blog

Blogs are another terrific marketing tool for law firms. While blog writing takes time, this kind of information establishes your firm as an authority within your areas of practice. The key is to make your writing accessible while avoiding too much legalese. As always, the goal is to increase your organic search visibility. Blogs are effective because they are an easy way to provide valuable content about legal services and recent changes in relevant laws and policies. Including current news about the legal profession will also burnish your reputation as a reliable source. This is why it’s so important not only to have a blog, but to update it regularly. And the more recognizable you become in your field, the more likely site visitors are to hire you.

Although traditional advertising methods still have their place in the legal profession, the shift to digital marketing is clearly well underway. Using the aforementioned tips will build up your brand and help it to stand apart from the competition. With a strong online marketing strategy in place, you will connect with more potential clients, build loyalty with your existing ones, and add to your bottom line.

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