Spring—it has been written that this remarkable season ‘wakes us, nurtures us, and revitalizes us.’ These are the reasons spring is the single most preferred time of year to marry. The freshness and promise of spring are the supreme depictions of the love you and your betrothed share. And now that you’ve decided to make it official, it’s time to plan your wedding. The sad truth about weddings, however, is that the planning can often be overwhelming, especially for the bride. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, planning a wedding should be like planning anything else—you need only take it one step at a time to get it right. For instance, the flowers? How do you choose the right flowers, especially if you know nothing about which blooms are in season in spring? Read on to find valuable information from top florists in New York regarding the different types of flowers that are available to you in springtime.


Yes, you read that right—carnations. You might be prone to stray from the idea of having carnations at your spring wedding, but these flowers actually signify wedded harmony. And, because their year-round availability make them inexpensive, you can add carnations to a number of lovely floral arrangements with very little cost but lots of added drama. These beauties come in an array of colors that can be ideal for all weddings, including colors perfect for spring such as white, apricot, pink—light and dark, yellow, and even burgundy.


Everyone planning a spring wedding should consider the Daffodil. First, Daffodils are at their peak beauty in early spring, right after we see the last of winter’s dreary cold. Additionally, Daffodil’s blooms are varied, including both single and multiple blossoms. Their delicate but gracefully impressive cups come in colors that work perfectly in a springtime wedding, including yellow, white, apricot, and orange, and they can be used in solid or combos of yellow and white. Daffodils are available to brides from November through April, making them wonderful for not only spring weddings, but winter nuptials as well.


Is there anyone who doesn’t love these full, rich blossoms with their fragrant scent and bold colors? Treasured as a flower used in wedding bouquets, peonies have been around for about a thousand years. Available in spring in the fragrant blossoms, peonies are perfect for your springtime wedding bouquet, with bright blossoms whose colors signify the freshness of spring, including cream, peach, white, pink, and even dramatic burgundy. Peonies are also available for fall and winter weddings in the scentless variety.


Roses are the absolute embodiment of romantic love. Roses are the subject of classic literature since classic literature began, and for very good reason. Their beauty, magnificence, and elegance are adored by starry eyed brides and passionate grooms the world over. What’s more, the color palette included in rose’s impressive array of hues simply cannot be rivaled by any other flower. This alone makes roses perfect for your spring wedding, as they come in the ever-popular red, yellow, and white, as well as cream, lavender, pink, apricot, lavender, pink, and burgundy.

Sweet Pea

Delicate yet dramatic, the glory of sweet pea is known the world over. With a fragrance that is unmatched and a hardy bloom that lasts, sweet pea’s beauty and elegance are ideal for a spring wedding. Though its blossoms can be found anywhere from November through June, spring is its most popular season, especially when it comes to bridal bouquets. And, because sweet pea comes in so many magnificent hues, your spring wedding flower design almost has to include it. You can find sweet pea in colors perfect for spring, including apricot, pale pink, dark pink, lavender, cream, and white.

The ideal blooms of spring are like the love you and your mate share—bold, fresh, and altogether genuine. In fact, no other season beckons more betrothed couples than spring. And that freshness in the air is why there are so many flowers available in spring. Choose the flowers for your spring wedding from any of those mentioned above, because any and all of these beauties have the power to round out your ceremony with matrimonial majesty. For further details about choosing the right flowers for your spring nuptials, consult with a wedding florist near you.