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gluten-free breakfast

Gluten-Free Breakfast Ideas

Gluten-free… two words that seem to be all over the news these days. Why? Because millions of folks throughout the country and around the world suddenly find themselves allergic to gluten. What is gluten? If you don’t know, brace yourself for the answer. Gluten is an adhesive. That’s right, an adhesive… like glue. Sounds pretty unhealthy, doesn’t it? And it is.

Gluten is an adhesive mixture of plant proteins. It’s used as a substitute for flour in literally millions of processed foods, and it’s been linked to some pretty serious health problems. Eating gluten can cause symptoms such as abdominal bloating and diarrhea. It’s also associated with serious diseases such as celiac disease and even multiple sclerosis. For many people, consuming gluten causes irritation to the small intestine that may lead to complications involving the bones, central nervous system, and brain. And one of the difficulties with such gluten sensitivities is the inability to find foods that don’t cause this irritation. Thankfully, gluten-free options are more plentiful than ever, even among breakfast selections. Following are some great gluten-free breakfast ideas from gourmet cafes in Montville for those who need to eliminate gluten from their diets.