Content marketing is an integral part of any business operation, especially for doctor’s offices.  While doctors have traditionally relied upon standard methods of marketing such as direct mailings and word-of-mouth referrals, content marketing is increasingly changing the ways in which doctors connect with and interact with patients.  Content marketing, or the strategic sharing of diverse online content, is a digital marketing tactic used by medical businesses who want to attract more customers and retain them for the long haul.  Read on to learn more on how doctors across the country are employing content marketing strategies to grow their practices, obtain new patients and improve their practice’s visibility within the community.

Why Content Marketing for Doctors?

Content marketing is a modern, online advertising approach that allows doctors across the country to reach more people with the potential to convert them to patients.  As technology continues to advance, more and more patients are relying on the internet to choose their next physician, to learn more about doctors their medical practices.  This is important because it means there is an immense opportunity for doctors to be present online and meet their customers where they are, delivering online content that sways these customers to take action.  Content marketing may include:  blog posts, articles, social media content, graphics, infographics, videos, podcasts, e-mail marketing and website content, just to name a few.

Delivering Content to Patients

Two of the top approaches used to deliver content online are social media platforms and via e-mail.  Social media revolves around content marketing.  Content that is shared over popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter assists doctors in disseminating information to those who have expressed passive interest in their services.  Sharing content on social media has been proven to assist doctors in connecting with others, engaging with them and building relationship that may lead up to scheduled appointments in the future.  Today, millions of people rely on social media to stay connected with one another.  They also use social media to follow their favorite brands, including local physicians and doctor’s offices.  For doctors who want to maximize their content’s reach, social media content is a great way to drive traffic to not only the doctor’s website but directly to their office locations.

Similarly, e-mailed content is one of the top content marketing trends in 2017.  E-mailed content is resulting in major wins for doctor’s who want to expand their online reach.  Content that is shared via e-mail can be precisely targeted to the subscriber which increases the chance for conversion.  E-mailed content may include weekly health tips or monthly newsletters for example.  Marketing in this manner creates the perfect backdrop for customer interaction, personalization and creativity.  E-mailed content remains a highly-effective approach to content marketing because it is helpful, consistent and reliable.  It improves brand loyalty as the potential customer becomes accustomed to the frequent and useful information they are receiving in their inbox.

Reputation Management

Content marketing and reputation management go hand-in-hand.  This is because content marketing strategies contribute directly to the doctor’s online reputation.  With each piece of online content that is posted or shared, a clear message is sent to the public regarding who the doctor is and what it is like to receive care from him or her.  For instance, online content can be used to tell a story surrounding the doctor’s brand.  This may include multiple pieces of content shared over time such as a compelling about us page on the website, frequent blog posts, how to articles, engaging videos where the doctor comes on camera and explains procedures, or tips and advice posted to social media graphics.  All of this content creates a professional image of the doctor and helps to establish their online reputation.  In other words, this content helps to set the tone for how the public will perceive the doctor online.  Good content helps to support the doctor’s professional image, piquing the interest of potential patients and making the doctor’s office more appealing and as a potential place to schedule an appointment.

Implement a content marketing strategy today by calling a team of highly trained marketing professionals.  Content marketing for doctors is a very effective way to grow a doctor’s medical practice.  By distributing valuable content, doctors can cost effectively boost their brands, gain more patients and look forward to long-term success in the future.