Today, good content is one of the hallmarks of any successful business, especially for those professional services that maintain an online presence.  Good content helps to attract new customers as well as helps to retain existing ones.  This is where marketing of this content can have an influence.  Content marketing for professionals includes the strategic use of various forms of digital content to grow a business.  Such content may include blog posts, videos, white papers, emailed newsletters, as well as social media content, just to name a few.  For today’s savvy business professionals, content marketing is an effective way to boost their business’s bottom line.  Read on to learn more about the many advantages of content marketing for today’s professionals.

Why Content Marketing for Professionals?

With the growth of the internet, online content has become a key component and strategy that professionals can rely on for noticeable return on investment (ROI).  Just like traditional marketing strategies like direct mailers or television advertisements, content marketing takes planning.  The only difference with this method of delivery is that it is shared in digital formats online.  As an internet-based approach, content marketing has the potential to reach millions of people!  These numbers were far from attainable when compared to traditional marketing efforts which were more localized.

Benefits of Content Marketing

Here are some of the top benefits of content marketing for today’s professionals:

  1. Results-Driven. Content marketing helps to increase website traffic, producing very tangible results.  This can be in a certain number of new visitors to a website or visits to a social media page.  Because content is delivered online, there are various ways to track analytical data to determine how well the content is doing.  Analytics can also track who is accessing the content and how often they are accessing it.  This is important because this data can reveal which methods of delivery are the most effective for the reaching the company’s target audience.
  2. Improves Visibility of the Brand. Content marketing is a great way to boost brand recognition and visibility.  Content marketing helps to promote the professional’s brand, making it more recognizable as more and more people are exposed to the company’s logo.  Fresh, frequently posted content provides new opportunities to introduce the brand to prospective clients who may be interested in the professional’s services.
  3. Helps with Reputation Management. While content marketing and reputation management are two different subjects, the two still go hand-in-hand.  Good content is representative of the company’s professional image and reputation.  Good content that is helpful, customer-oriented, and that provides a solution, can precede any public relations mishaps that may occur.  This is important because with time customers who have relied on this content will trust the brand and they will be more apt to continue to trust the brand even after a time of public scrutiny.
  4. Flexibility in Delivery. Content marketing can be delivered through many platforms.  Some of the key platforms used by today’s adept professionals include social media networks, a well-designed website and e-mail marketing.  Social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram are all perfect outlets for delivering content in a timely manner and in formats that customers appreciate.  Likewise, the effectiveness of a well-designed website is a great tool for delivering useful content—especially for frequent blog updates.  Blog posts are valuable resources the professional can share with clients on a regular basis.  Lastly, e-mail marketing is another technique for delivering content.  When connected to social media through sales funnels e-mail marketing can be a great way to cultivate a list of qualified leads who are interested in the professional’s services.

Content Marketing Trends

For 2017, the leading trends revolve around carefully curated and creative content that cultivates relationships with targeted leads.  This content is relevant and impactful.  Such content includes newsletters as well as video content.  Professionals can offer opt in’s where the prospect agrees to receive content from the company in exchange for their e-mail address.  Interested prospects may subscribe to weekly or monthly newsletter content that is e-mailed to them directly.  E-mailed content remains a top driver of business success as professionals send personalized, targeted messages to those who are most interested in hearing what the company has to say.  E-mailed content helps to create a unique customer experience that is appreciated by the receiver.  Such content creates value, which in turn builds relationships, fosters trust, and boots brand recognition.  As a bonus, this content is conveniently delivered directly to the customer’s inbox!

To learn more about effective approaches to content marketing for professionals contact a team of digital marketing specialists today.