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The Beauty of Fashion

Definition of Fashion

When I think of fashion there are three things that come to mind: expression, creativity and individuality. Fashion is style, trends, talent and personality. Fashion helps you to express yourself, to reveal your personality in a very unique way. Your clothes can show people who you are without much effort.  It’s a reflection on your inner self. Fashion is constantly evolving and progressing, with new trends, new prints and new approaches. Fashion is an art form that brings beauty to the world. Fashion is for everyone, regardless of your budget. Trends come and go, but that doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t grab hold tightly of the ones that work best for you. Fashion fades and style is what’s eternal. Focus on what makes you feel and look your best. Wear your best colors to really make your wardrobe pop. Dress in way that flatters your specific body, it will always make you feel more confident and beautiful.

True style is really learning to take a look and make it your own. Finding your signature style is one of the most rewarding things about really loving fashion. Fashion is how people present themselves. No longer do we wear clothes just to protect our bodies from the environment or with the sole purpose of covering our bodies. Fashion in clothing is basically dressing in clothes that bring out the best of your body, all while impressing others with your good taste. Fashion is not just clothing. You can be fashionable in your choice of home, car, its décor, even the places where eat and relax.

Fashion is such a broad term that there are several factors that break it down season by season, and determine what fashion is at the moment, what’s in and out, and what almost everyone will be wearing. The first factor is haute couture fashion houses. Haute couture houses have been leading the way in creating trends and classic, iconic fashion looks. The media is another major factor in establishing fashion trends. Media outlets such as television shows, movies, social media accounts, and magazines create thousands of trends and fads. These forms of media show people millions of different looks and endless possibilities in the way certain items can be worn together. The last factor in determining fashion is celebrities. We are exposed to celebrities every time we open up a magazine, turn on the TV, surf the Internet, and look up at ads or billboards on our daily routes. A public figure can wear a simple item one day and within the next few days you will see versions of it in stores and on the streets.

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