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Local Real Estate Schools and Referral Networks

Real Estate Academy

If you have been thinking about a career in real estate or you need continuing education to take the next step in your real estate career, you should take a look at the best real estate school in southern New Jersey.  For nearly 15 years, the Real Estate Academy has prepared their students with licensing, professional development and continuing education courses.  Their formula for success includes smaller, specialized classes that put the students’ needs first.

Referral Network

If you are looking to step back from your career as a real estate agent or broker or you have other commitments demanding more of your time, becoming a real estate referral agent may be just the thing for you. The advantage of being with a referral only agency is that you can leverage your industry contacts to create an income stream without having the time commitment of listing or showing property. By hanging your license with the Referral Network, you can continue to generate commissions from the network you may have spent years cultivating.