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Shari Duddy: Educator

A Career in Education

After starting out as a third-grade teacher in the South Orange/Maplewood Community over three decades ago, Shari Duddy eventually became an expert in Special Education and is now a Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant.

During the first half of her career, Shari worked tirelessly to bridge the gap between special education and general education students. As a result, she developed a pilot program which mixed these students together in learning groups while drawing upon a range of teaching styles.

Eventually, her innovative approach to learning garnered media attention in the 1990s when her work was highlighted in “What’s Right in American Education” in addition to a number of newspaper articles.

A Passion for Special Education

As a member of the groups Coaching Parents for Special Education and Reading Instruction in Special Education, Shari has maintained an active role in the special education community. The former helps parents become more active participants in their child’s education; the latter shares their experience in reading instruction among students, parents, teachers and administrators.

In addition, Shari has always felt strongly about continuing education and supervision for teachers. As a result, she has devoted much of her time to instructing educators  in “Developmental Reading Assessment” (DRA), a program that helps teachers evaluate and improve students’ reading comprehension. She has also instituted programs within different school districts that foster lifelong learning and teaching among educators.

Community Contributions

Shari Duddy continues to help her community by supporting local organizations and donating her free time to those in need. For example, through Habitat for Humanity, she helps to stamp out poverty and homelessness by providing housing to low-income communities.

In addition, her passion for yoga and meditation has led to teaching yoga principles and therapeutics to children and teens at both local studios and Bernards Township public schools.

Finally, Shari’s dedication even extends to our canine friends. With her daughter, she participates in the St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center in which they provide food, shelter and tender loving care to stray dogs.

Media & Social

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