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Bike Tour Trends

A custom bike tour is a great way to transform the way you see a specific destination – it could even be a place you’ve traveled to before.  Seeing a destination on a bike rather than a car, just gives you that extra little nudge to notice things you might not have noticed before; the way the trees look in that specific season, the way the road bends, how the sun glints off the water, or the scent of local trees.  These might not be things you ever noticed before in a car, but you can be sure that they will be things you can and will notice on a bike.  A lot of the bike tours around the world offer an option where they take care of everything under the sun including lodging and food, but they all offer different types of support from a guided tour with an experienced guide, a self-supported tour without a guide and a solo ride where you take care of everything yourself.  No matter which option you choose, you might be looking into bike tour trends – where to go for the best routes, the best scenery or the best landmarks.  Below you will find a few options for the most popular locations.  These are worldwide locations by the way so you may need to do some additional traveling or rent bikes along the way.