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How to Plan for Future Healthcare

Let’s be honest for a minute.  When your head is bent over the pile of monthly bills, with your calculator nearby at your elbow, the realty hits you… unless you ask for, and receive, a raise, one or more of those obligations must get pushed to the side.

When it comes to those “obligations” for which you must dole out your hard-earned pay, never scrimp on, eliminate or fall behind in any insurance premium!

You’ve read or heard the advice before, most likely from financial advisors, to always adequately insure your home or vehicle, and that advice goes for your healthcare as well.

When it comes to protecting yourself, and your loved ones, you need to plan ahead.  Plan for a future that may not be as rosy as you’d like it to be, or, at the very least, know that the years ahead may become tarnished, not golden, due to illness or other such circumstances beyond your control.

The time to put insurance policies for disability, long-term care and life insurance benefits into place is when you are younger, not when you are older or thinking of retirement.  By then it might be too late.

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How to Choose a Doctor

To be honest, choosing a primary care doctor is probably going to be one of if not the most important decision you make in your life.  It’s also going to be one of the most difficult if you don’t ask the right questions.  I think when most people are searching for a doctor, they tend to go about it the same way that they would if they were looking for any other kind of a service, such as finding a plumber, or the best auto mechanic – they tend to rely on sites like Yelp or Angies List, but honestly, is this going to be the best way?  I mean do you really want to search for a doctor the same way you search for any other service?  Probably not!  Hopefully not!  When it comes to asking the right questions, look down below and you will see a set list of things you want to ask yourself, your insurance company or the doctor.  When you do find a doctor it is important to ask them common medical questions about your overall health on your first visit, just to see if you and the doctor are compatible.