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Types of Coffee

A wise man once said, “Humans get a lot done, not because they’re smart, but because they have thumbs to make coffee.” In other words, coffee equals intelligence! If you’re a coffee drinker, you feel this quote big-time. How many times have you heard someone on TV or in a movie say, “Not before I have my coffee!” And how many times have you said it? The simple fact is that there’s power in a cup of coffee. Seriously, can you imagine a United States where coffee was no more? Think about what would happen if tomorrow morning, all of a sudden, there was no coffee. Not one person in the country was able to drink their morning coffee, stop at a coffee shop or a gourmet cafe in Montville and grab that first latte, espresso, or just simple cup-a-Joe. Talk about the day the Earth stood still! About a billion folks in the U.S. and around the world rely on their morning coffee to wake them up and power their days. And there are so many amazing types of coffee that just one won’t do anymore.