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Most Popular Wearable Tech For A Bike Tour

Every single year around June, 30 or so bike manufactures gather in Utah to reveal their most high tech and compelling bike products for the upcoming year.  This is a great way to get an idea of what is popular for that year, what’s trending and what people are buying the most of when it comes to wearable tech for bike riders.  If you love technology and you want to include that into your custom bike tour, get ready for some cool products below.  They include everything from wearable tech helmets, Fabric ALM Saddle, BKool Connect Sport Trainer and more.  So exciting!  Check these and much more out below.  Remember, these are all of the popular items for 2015!

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What to Pack for a Bike Tour

When it comes to any type of a vacation or getaway, there are certain things you want to pack.  But, in the case of bike tours, it’s less about swimming suits and surfboards and more along the lines of gear and types of clothing you should be packing.  If you have never been on bike tours before and you want to be ahead of the game, this list is a great place to start because it’s a checklist of sorts that talks to you about different locations and what types of gear you might consider taking with you on your scenic trip – long or short.  Be sure to read all of the tips below so you can pack accordingly.  By the way, your list may vary depending on if you are doing this solo – without a support van or with a support van.  For this list we have compiled a checklist for solo trips – without support vans.