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Content Marketing for Professionals

Today, good content is one of the hallmarks of any successful business, especially for those professional services that maintain an online presence.  Good content helps to attract new customers as well as helps to retain existing ones.  This is where marketing of this content can have an influence.  Content marketing for professionals includes the strategic use of various forms of digital content to grow a business.  Such content may include blog posts, videos, white papers, emailed newsletters, as well as social media content, just to name a few.  For today’s savvy business professionals, content marketing is an effective way to boost their business’s bottom line.  Read on to learn more about the many advantages of content marketing for today’s professionals.

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Why Does Content Matter?


You might not be aware of it, unless you tend to do a lot of reading online, but did you know that when a person visits a website, they take all of 3-10 seconds to decide if it’s worth their time or not?  It’s true!  Not only does it have to do with the design of your website and the function of it (or lack of) but a big deciding point is the content on the website itself.  I know for me personally, I tend to be kind of snotty when it comes to content on a site I visit.  Even if I do a search on Google for something and it’s on the first page of the results or even the first spot – if I visit it and the content is not good; bad grammar, bad spelling, irrelevant or doesn’t make sense at all, I tend to close it out, and find a new site to visit.  When it comes to your website, content IS important and it will either make you or break you.  Here are a few things you need to consider when it comes to your website, or any content for that matter; blogs, social posts, forum posts, even emails!