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Tony Nardone: Property Management Professional

property manager tony nardone

An Atypical Path to Property Management

As the CEO of Corner Property Management, a community and property management company in New Jersey, Tony Nardone is committed to raising the lifestyle of the communities and properties he serves. Therefore, he makes customer service and accountability the cornerstones of his business.

Although Tony has spent the better part of three decades in the industry, his path to the head of a real estate service company is far from typical. With a degree in civil engineering, Tony Nardone has an understanding of buildings, equipment and physical structures that is unique to property managers. This expertise often comes in handy when dealing with contractors, service providers and construction projects.

A Proponent of Continuing Education

Moreover, Tony remains a firm believer in continuing education as a means to improve existing skills and acquire new ones. In an effort to incorporate more efficient business practices into the communities he serves, he added an MBA in finance and accounting to his engineering degree.

Indeed, as a member of the New Jersey Chapter of Community Associations Institute (NJ-CAI), a group that advocates for the professional and ethical management of community developments, Tony is actively involved in educating the industry about using how to use technology to save time and money and to increase productivity and employee satisfaction. As a result, his articles regarding management and board member issues often appear in both newspapers and trade magazines.

Strong Relationships with his Industry and his Community

As a testimony to his deep-rooted relationships with industry professionals, Tony currently holds both Association Management Specialist (AMS) and Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA) professional designations.

Tony also believes, however, in giving back to his own community. For this reason, he serves on the Open Space Committee and the Zoning Board of Approval in his own township.

A Unique Perspective

Tony’s industry involvement extends to his own portfolio of residential buildings, which he has purchased and managed over the decades.  This experience, coupled with his varied education, gives him a unique perspective on what constitutes effective property management.

At the end of the day, Tony Nardone’s goal is to get the most out of his staff and managers to improve the relationship between real estate service companies and their communities. He takes pride in raising both his clients’ community experience and that of his own community at large.