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Ty Hyderally: Employment Lawyer

Ty Hyderally law firm

Champion of Workers’ Rights

A lifelong champion of workers’ rights, employment law attorney Ty Hyderally was born in Sri Lanka and spent his early life in London before emigrating to the United States. After getting his Bachelor of Arts degree from Johns Hopkins University, Ty received his Juris Doctor degree from the University of California at Berkeley.

Ty began his career in the US Navy by working as a criminal trial lawyer in the Judge
Advocate General’s Office prior to returning to New Jersey to go into private practice. Ty worked at a number of prominent New Jersey law firms before opening his own practice, Hyderally & Associate, P.C. in Montclair, New Jersey.

Improving the Workplace Through Education

During his lengthy career, Ty has become known for protecting employees against discrimination and harassment. A former president of the National Employment Lawyer’s Association of New Jersey, Ty has worked diligently to improve workplace conditions through advocacy and education. To this end, he has audited company employment practices to verify that employee rights are protected. As a result, he litigates on behalf of those who are subject to the local New Jersey Law against Discrimination (LAD). In addition, he deals with employees and businesses to guarantee that New Jersey citizens fully comply with the New Jersey Family Leave Act (NJFLA).

Ty Hyderally lawyerSpeaking on Behalf of the Community

Mr. Hyderally regularly speaks to employees and employers as a guest at legal events sponsored by the American Bar Association, the Institute for Continuing Legal Education, and the Association of Trial Lawyers of America-NJ among many others. His main objective is to make business owners, corporate management and their employees fully aware of the issues surrounding employment law, so that they are knowledgeable about the different rights and responsibilities each has in order to eliminate discriminatory or illegal methods.

Over the years, Ty Hyderally has remained active in his New Jersey community by participating in and supporting charity events such as the Tri-State Tough Mudder Race to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project. His firm annually sponsors events such as the YMCA Montclair Run which supports programs that promote wellness and health within the community.

When Should You Contact an Employment Lawyer in New Jersey?

Employers can engage in a wide range of illegal practices that disfavor employees or breach their rights. In any of the following instances, a person should call an employment attorney:

  • The individual has been harassed at work
  • The person has been treated in a discriminatory manner because of a protected trait, e.g. pregnancy
  • The employer has retaliated against the person because they exercised a right such as asking overtime pay to which they are entitled by law
  • The person’s employment has been terminated in violation of an express or implied employment contract
  • The person is being forced to sign an agreement waiving rights to which they are entitled
  • The person’s employer has not provided them with the benefits to which they are entitled under their employment contract

If an employee falls ill or suffers an injury at their place of work, it may be necessary for them to submit a workers’ compensation claim. An employment attorney can assist in preparing the most effective claim or challenging a refusal of benefits.

In situations where an employee from a non-unionized workplace wishes to initiate unionization, it would be beneficial to seek advice from an employment lawyer. Such a lawyer can guide employees about their entitlement to establish a union and the activities they can participate in towards that goal. They can also enlighten employees about their rights, including the right to be free from discrimination based on their union-related activities.

Equally, an employment lawyer can provide guidance to employers about their obligations and rights concerning union workers and the employees’ attempts to form a union within the employer’s business environment.

It is advisable for anyone to reach out to an employment attorney as soon as they identify an issue. Delaying this process could hamper their ability to demonstrate the employer’s misconduct, and consequently, their potential to recover damages. Furthermore, legal rights and complaints typically have time restrictions; any postponement could result in forfeiting the right to submit a claim or complaint.