Funny how you never think about how much you need your watch until it breaks, isn’t it? That timepiece you keep on your wrist has gotten to be such an important part of your life that you likely never even think about how vital it is to you until it breaks. Seriously, how many times a day do you glance at your watch, expecting it to perfectly perform its function? It keeps you on schedule, keeps you from being late to important business meetings and it gets you to your child’s school on time every day. But now that it’s broken, you’re wondering … can it be fixed? And, if so, is there anything I can do without having to schlep it to a watch repair shop to get it repaired? There are, in fact, several steps you can take to fix your jewelry wristwatch before you get to that point. Here are some tips on repairing a watch and watch maintenance that can save you from having to take your watch to a shop for fixing.

Loose hands

If the hands of your wristwatch’s clock face are loose, obviously, they’re going to need tightening. Often the hands will become loose, in which case you can start by removing the back of your watch. Next, with a small flathead screwdriver, lift the cover. (Small flathead screwdrivers often can be purchased at dollar stores in eyeglass repair kits.) Gently lift the movement and crown and remove. Be sure not to lose these tiny parts. Place them on a clean cloth or in a plastic bag. Snap the watch hands back into place. Next, replace the movement and crown. Finally, replace the back cover and screw back into place.

Scratched crystal

Place a small amount of a polishing compound on a clean, dry cloth and gently rub it on your watch’s crystal, which is the glass piece covering the dial. Rub softly in a circular motion for about four minutes, wipe the remaining compound off the crystal, and repeat if necessary until all tiny scratch marks are gone. (Deep scratch marks may not disappear, but lighter marks should.) Next, wipe the crystal with a clean, dry cloth. (If you use the same cloth, be sure that you use a portion that contains no polishing compound residue.)

Quartz watch battery replacement

If your watch contains a snap-down case, insert the case blade into the seam that sits between the case and back. Push the blade down in order to open the back of the case. With tweezers, remove the silver disc-shaped battery from its holder. Remove the battery, but don’t touch any other parts of the quartz movement with your fingers, since residue can damage your watch’s moving parts. Next, replace the old battery with the new battery by inserting it into the holder. Finally, snap the case back into place. If you find that you’re unable to perform these steps for any reason, a watch repair company will be capable of replacing the battery for you.

Damage control

To prevent damage from coming to your wristwatch, never allow it to get wet. Sure, some watch’s claim that they’re waterproof, and many are waterproof; however, it’s better to keep your watch away from water whenever possible. If you must use your watch in water, check it after each use. Additionally, many watches, especially luxury watches, should be routinely cleaned. If you take other fine jewelry for routine cleanings, take your watch also. Finally, when not in use, keep your wristwatch in a case, preferably the case it originally came in, in order to prevent damage.

If you’ve tried some of the above steps and you still can’t fix your watch yourself, you have another option. The old, inconvenient way of going to a watch repair shop to get your watch working properly again is just that … the old way. Today, the most convenient method of getting your watch repaired is to send it to Citizens Watch Repair. Citizens is ‘simply the easiest way’ to have your watch repaired. Contact Citizens for a free estimate and exceptional customer service with prompt updates of your watch repair’s progress. All Citizens watch repairs are backed by a one-year warranty.

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