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Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

Planning a girl’s birthday party can be a ton of fun. In fact, chances are that the girl in your life already has an idea or two of her own about what she wants for her next birthday party. Here are some themes for kids’ birthday parties that will help you and your daughter narrow down the kind of party she wants and just how she wants to celebrate her birthday. Whether she’s a fashionista who insists on the latest style, a sports-minded girl who wants tons of energetic activity, or a born shopper who sees every day as another opportunity to hit the mall, this list is bound to have something on it for every birthday girl.

Fashionista party

What little girl doesn’t love fashion? Okay, there may be a few who don’t, but chances are that your little girl and most of her friends are into it in a big way. That’s why you likely can’t go wrong with a dress-up fashion party. In the invitations, let the girls know to bring their favorite dresses with them to the party. You can even search through your old dresses and let the other girls’ moms to do the same. Create a ‘runway’ in your home with a long carpet and chairs set up on either side. Have the girls walk the runway separately while you ‘announce’ their outfits. With this fun event, you just may have super models in the making!

Skating party

A skating party that takes place either at an ice skating or roller skating rink is sure to please nearly any young girl on her birthday. Skating parties have become a staple for kids’ birthday parties, and their popularity hasn’t slowed a bit since you were a kid! Skating rinks typically offer varied packages, depending on your budget and how many kids will be attending. These packages usually include food such as pizza, cake, and beverages.

Shopping mall scavenger hunt party

Ten bucks the girl in your life doesn’t know two girls who don’t love love love shopping! And what girl (and her mom) doesn’t relish spending an afternoon at a shopping mall?! At your nearest mall, divide the birthday girl’s party into several groups, each with its own chaperone. Before the party, sit with your daughter and devise a fun list of items that need to be ‘scavenged’ by the groups. Create lists of clues that include various activities such as finding the prices of certain items, locating words on gumball or vending machines you’ve scouted ahead of time, and perhaps even purchasing a small gift for the birthday girl without her knowledge. If necessary, give each team a small, predetermined amount of cash to perform activities.

Sports party

Okay, so not every girl loves fashion or shopping. Many girls are into sports. If you’ve got a girl who’s into basketball, football, soccer, or any other sport, a sports party may be the way to go. For the party, let invitees know on the invitations to show up in clothes that can accommodate the given sporting activity. Then, set up an event of whatever sport your daughter is into in your backyard or even at a nearby baseball field, park, or gym. You can even serve refreshments, offer prizes, and create party favors and decorations that include items from the sporting event.

Makeover party

Makeover parties are becoming one of the biggest trends for kids’ birthday parties. Little girls’ makeup can be purchased from toy aisles in dollar and other discount stores. You may even want to let all invitees know to bring one of Mom’s old dresses that she won’t mind having cut or altered. Then, like the fashionista party, have each girl dress up in whatever outfit she brought with her, make up each girl with whatever makeup and colors she chooses, and take fashion photos. You can even have girls choose partners and make each other up. For added fun, the funnier the makeup, the better!

Every girl loves expressing herself, and throwing a birthday party with her at the helm of creativity is the perfect way for her to do that. After all, her birthday is her special day. It’s her very own time to celebrate who she is, how she views the world, and what she has to say to it. Try any of the above ideas for kids’ birthday parties in Kenilworth, and your birthday girl is sure to have the time of her life!

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