Why is breakfast so important to your health and your day? Is it more important than, say, eating lunch or dinner? The answer is simple. Absolutely! Eating a good breakfast is much more important than any other meal of the day because no other meal of the day is eaten after a night-long fast. In fact, the word ‘breakfast’ means ‘break the fast.’ Think about it. During the night, you go roughly 8 hours without consuming anything at all. Sure, you were sleeping during those 8 hours, but your body still isn’t crazy about having to wait all that time before it gets something to eat or drink. That’s why it’s critical for your energy level that you fuel up every morning with a healthy breakfast. Of course, with the many breakfast options available, just what is considered a healthy breakfast might be confusing. Here are some tips from coffee shops in Montville about breakfast foods that will help you make the best decision to break your nightly fast and rev up for the day ahead.

Fruits, fruit juices, and smoothies

Most people these days are on-the-go from sun up to sun down. That’s why fruit, fruit juices, and smoothies make an excellent choice for every breakfast, whether eaten alone or along with other breakfast foods. If you live an active lifestyle, you undoubtedly need to rev up in the morning in order to get your day off to a high-powered start. And, if you’re not currently living such an active lifestyle, you likely aspire to it. Whatever place you’re in right now makes no difference. It’s where you want to be tomorrow that matters. That’s why fruit, juice, and smoothies make for an ideal start to the day. Additionally, grabbing a smoothie or a piece of fruit takes just a few seconds, and you’re on your way before you know it!


Got a little time in the morning to sit and have a healthful breakfast? Then, by all means, sit down and do it right. Oatmeal is one of nature’s most perfect foods. It’s packed with nutrients that not only get you ready for an effective day; they help to support a health immune system. First, oatmeal’s soluble fiber has cancer-fighting properties that reduce toxins. Additionally, oatmeal helps your body fight bad cholesterol and keep weight at proper levels. And, even if you don’t have a lot of time to sit and enjoy a leisurely breakfast (and who does these days?!), you can opt for one of the many tasty, low-fat instant oatmeal available.


They’ve been called ‘incredible,’ and that they are. Eggs have been dealt a bad hand in the past few decades, but the fact is that they have many health benefits. Eggs are a mighty brain food that can help keep your noggin on its toes all day long. Few breakfast foods can help keep your mind focused on your work more effectively than revving up in the morning with an egg or two. Sure, it’s still hotly debated subject whether the cholesterol in eggs is bad, good, or otherwise indifferent to health. But if you’re leaning to the negative, you can’t go wrong with a breakfast that includes an egg-white omelet. If you need to get out of the house quickly, toss a couple of those babies onto wheat toast or a pita pocket, and you’re out the door in no time and ready for a full day!

Eating a healthy breakfast… it’s not all that important. It’s only important if you want energy. If you like feeling sluggish, listless, tired, lethargic… then, by all means, don’t eat a healthy breakfast. But if you like feeling energetic, vigorous, dynamic – if you like getting a full day’s work done each and every day – then it’s vital to start it out with nutritious foods. Of course, nobody likes to be tired when they’re supposed to be getting their work done. Everyone wants to have an active lifestyle, living each day to its fullest. Sure, we all fall short sometimes of doing what we know we should to get healthy and be full of life. One of the great things about night-time is that each morning brings an opportunity to start over. If you’ve been skipping breakfast lately, isn’t it time to get back on track? Take a little time tomorrow morning to stop into a coffee shop to begin your day right.

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