Everyone loves a wedding, if only for the chance to get a free meal! Seriously, even if you’re someone who doesn’t particularly relish going to a wedding, or planning your own wedding for that matter, you likely look forward to the food you can sample at any and every wedding you must attend. And, if you’re a couple planning your own wedding, you’re probably thinking how do you go about choosing the most delicious foods to complement your special day. But, delicious doesn’t mean you have to offer foods that will make, you and your guests bust out of their wedding attire. And it doesn’t mean you have to provide unhealthy foods that your guests tomorrow will regret having eaten today. Just like for any other occasion, good wedding fare can be delicious as well as healthy. Here are some tips on choosing healthy food for your wedding that can please every single one of your guests.

Lean meats

You don’t have to have rubber chicken on the menu to offer a low-fat protein option. In fact, most butchers, grocers, and even meat companies are making lean meats their usual fare these days. Offer your guests a choice of lean beef, lean chicken or turkey, or even liver for a decidedly different option.


If you’re looking for healthy items for your wedding menu, look no further than the sea. Most seafood is low-fat, especially when it’s grilled or broiled. Your chef does not have smother seafood in buttery sauces to make it tender and delicious. Your guests will be appreciative of a wedding menu that includes options such as blackened salmon, seared tuna, or even shark or squid.

Vegetable dishes

There is no limit to the creative and tasty things a good chef can do with the many types of vegetables available in any season of the year. Roasted Brussels sprouts, broccoli with brown rice, pearl onions, Asian-inspired choices … these are just a few of the hundreds of delectable vegetable dishes you can add to your healthy menu.

Salads galore

Another great idea for a healthy wedding menu is to include a salad bar or multiple salad choices with something for everyone. A salad bar that allows guests to create their own healthy yet delicious salads is the ideal companion to any dinner menu, and guests will appreciate that you gave them a choice.


A table of enticing appetizers is a must at every wedding, and this is the perfect place to include healthy options. Mini quiches, baba ganoush, humus, pita bread, sushi, fruit cocktail … these are just a few of the healthy creations chef or bakery in Towaco can add to your appetizer table or the appetizer section of the main buffet table. Vegetarians, too, will appreciate that your menu includes enough choices for them that they don’t have to go digging in their purses or pockets for gum and mints.

Low-fat desserts

Gone are the days when the words low and fat meant low on taste. Today, low-fat desserts can be heavenly creations of chocolate ganache, angel food, cheesecake, chocolate éclairs, and scrumptious crepes. Contact a bakery ot discuss the limitless choices available in low-fat desserts that will leave your guests asking you for your recipes and doggie bags.


When you’re deciding on healthy menu items, don’t forget some healthy beverage choices. For sure, you’ll want to have pure water and milk, but don’t forget that this is a wedding, and people want to indulge a little. For healthy beverages, you can include delicious teas, coconut water, low-fat iced coffees, and even smoothies, for those who are looking for healthy, delicious, and fun.

Your wedding … it will be the perfect time for you, your family, and all of your guests to celebrate and enjoy yourselves! But that doesn’t mean you have to eat foods that are fattening or unhealthy. In fact, your guests will probably thank you for providing a healthy menu that includes sumptuous yet nourishing cuisine. From delicious and nutritious main courses such as lean proteins, to delectable yet wholesome vegetables, to enticing desserts that won’t pack on the pounds, every item on your menu can be something you’ll be proud to offer your guests.

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