As a patient, there are nearly infinite resources about how to choose a doctor. But if you’re a physician, you may find yourself with far less resources about how to promote a doctor. If you’re a doctor who owns your own practice, you may lie awake nights worrying about how to acquire patients. It’s not the same as working in a hospital where the patients come to you. You’re tasked with acquiring patients who will keep your practice not only up and running, but with finding enough clients in order to take your practice to the next level. In other words, you need to be both doctor and salesperson. Because it’s true of every business that the clientele must thrive and continue to grow, promoting your medical practice is a given. Following are steps you can take that will help you promote yourself and your business.

Boost Social Media Presence

You really can’t have a successful business these days without it. Developing a positive social media presence is an important facet of doing business, and doctors should never discount themselves from it. A good website that contains well-written content that is informational and promotes you and your staff in a positive light can enhance your practice and boost your clientele nearly exponentially. It’s also a good idea to have both a Facebook and a Twitter presence.

Snail Mail

Everybody still gets it, whether they want it or not—mail from the United States Postal Service. Believe it or not, people really did read those little post cards they received during the recent presidential election, and they really do open and read those birthday cards they get from insurance companies. And that’s why it’s always helpful to institute a ‘snail mail’ campaign with birthday cards and most especially thank-you cards to current as well as potential clients. If you’re still not sold on these old-school communications, try an email campaign that will reach more potential clients in less time and for less money. But know too that many of these will go straight to spam.

Be an Active Member of Your Community

Physicians should always maintain an active community presence. This was true long before social media, and it’s still true today. People expect it of you, and besides, it’s a good way to get to know folks who may one day be your patients. Be involved in community sporting events, high school plays, and community health fairs.

Promote Your Expertise to Local News Stations

Becoming an expert is a valuable way to get local news stations, and even national news outlets, to take notice of you. If you’re a doctor, you’ve had various papers published in various health publications. Use these and other areas of expertise you have to promote yourself in your area as well as throughout the country. Additionally, consider giving public seminars on health issues in which you are particularly knowledgeable. It helps also if these health issues you speak on are trending.

Get Involved in Local Organizations

Local organizations such as Chamber of Commerce are an excellent means of connecting with your community. They will put you in direct contact with many more people who could one day be sitting in your waiting room.

Sponsor a Charitable Event

Charitable events are a huge draw. Consider contributing to a local charitable event both monetarily and by helping out in person. Your money contribution may afford you an advertisement, and your presence will connect you directly with potential clients. Charitable events are also a wonderful way to show potential patients how much you care about your community and its people.

Developing a strategy that will promote you and your practice is essential to breaking out on your own in the healthcare field. If you work for a hospital, patients often come to you, but private physicians must not only concern themselves with the business of healing; they must also be mindful of bringing in patients. And they must get results. Promotion—growing the business—it’s all up to you. Every bit of the promotion you do must be a productive and effective means of bringing patients to your door. Along with the above information, consider talking with doctors near you with whom you can partner.