New Jersey is the fourth smallest state in the union, but has the eleventh-highest number of people.  In fact it has the highest population density (or number of people for the amount of land) in the U.S.  So here’s a hint – be sure to visit this state in the off season when the tourists have all gone home.

Because the Garden State is so small, it will take you approximately four hours to get from High Point, in the Skylands Region, which is the highest elevation in the state at 1,803 feet, all the way to Cape May Point in the south, but, unbelievably, if you cross New Jersey in an east to west direction, it can be done in just one hour.

Typically, road trips are seen as longer journeys, but even with a day trip, there is a lot of pure beauty and adventure packed into a tiny space like the Garden State, so, whether you’re looking to slip on your Docksiders and stroll along the Boardwalk, or soak up some history, there is a road trip in this state that you’re sure to love.  Though the famous Jersey Shore may be a tourist magnet for its beaches, New Jersey is also noted for its industries, swamps, and pine forests.

Do you have a spare day, or maybe two, that you can devote to sightseeing in the Garden State?  Whether you live in New Jersey and wish to take a scenic trek, or, you just want to take a weekend trip to that state, Fall is the perfect time to do so.  The roads are less traveled and the throng of sightseers is less intense, so why not plan a quick getaway to New Jersey?  Better still, before you pack up the family and crowd them and all their belongings into your vehicle why not live it up a little and consider renting a minivan to traverse and savor those wonderful sights in New Jersey?  Below are a few ways to blitz through NJ.  Renting a minivan in NJ will allow you to sightsee in comfort and without putting extra miles onto your vehicle.

Travel via the Delaware from Montague Township to Worthington State Forest route.

If you travel along the 35-mile route from the Delaware Water Gap, that trip will guarantee a “wow factor”.  You begin at Old Mine Road in Montague where the higher elevations will offer some spectacular sights.  Be prepared to take some stellar photos.  Meander down the road and along the river and be sure to stop along its shores.  If you’re the adventurous type, you might try rafting the rapids, or go for a slower-moving tubing trip.  Then, get your bearings and find your way down to Worthington State Forest where you’ll enjoy the wildlife.  If hiking is your shtick, there is a scenic park with rugged terrain and26 miles of trails.  If you’re more the sedate type, you can go fishing.  Whew!  Aren’t you glad you went to the minivan rental company because it sure gives you more room to pack up your gear to overnight at the campsite within the forest?  Plus, the minivan with its large windows gives you a spectacular view of New Jersey’s vibrant Fall foliage.  The cool and crisp Fall transforms the lush green landscape into a kaleidoscope of jewels in garnets, gold and ruby and you will not be able to stop clicking away with your camera as you enjoy this breathtaking Fall palette of colors.

New Jersey night life

The Atlantic City Expressway from Gloucester City to Atlantic City

Consider taking a 60-mile drive leaving Gloucester City just after sunset.  You’ll take in some wonderful views of Philly and the Ben Franklin Bridge.  At Cross Keys you can shop or dine, or both, and, if you’re still full of energy, you can finish your trip in Atlantic City – just don’t lose all your vacation money at the casinos!

Trek that ends up in a wildlife preserve

Route 80 begins in Fort Lee and goes to Columbia

If you embark on this 70-mile journey, you’ll start in Fort Lee where you’ll get a stupendous view of New York City, then you’ll stop at Great Falls in Paterson, where you can take a relaxing boat ride on Lake Hopatcong, or go swimming.  At the end of the trek you’ll find yourself at Columbia’s Lakota Wolf Preserve where you’ll check out some amazing animals in this wildlife rescue preserve.

Lastly, if you run out of time, or energy, and you’d still like to see as many sights as possible in your mini-vacation, you could always go for the adventure of a lifetime – a hot air balloon rude.  Hunterdon Ballooning, Inc.’s website advertisement says “Take a Nature Walk in the Sky”.   And if you take that hot air balloon trip, you’ll peer down at the sights you’ve just visited, plus point out the ones you’ll want to come back to see next year.