Along with the rest of our economy, the wedding industry came to a screeching halt during the height of America’s Covid lockdowns. Early forecasts, however, suggest that the rest of this year and into the next will be a busy time for wedding and event planners. Engagement rings have become hot sellers and wedding venues say that their calendars are filling up rapidly. Due to the pent-up demand, marriages are definitely up in 2021 as compared to last year. Indeed, the Wedding Report expects 2.47 million weddings in 2022, with an average price tag of nearly $25,000.

When you add the number of couples who postponed 2020 weddings or receptions to those who had already scheduled 2021 weddings, it should come as no surprise that there’s been a bit of a scramble for 2021 weekend dates.

To make matters worse, a resurgence of Covid throughout the U.S., namely the Delta variant, has made many guests understandably wary of how to attend safely. For this reason, we’ve put together a few tips to make your impending nuptials safe and enjoyable.  

Specify Rules Ahead of Time

If you decide to celebrate at an indoor wedding venue, let your guests know beforehand that they must weak masks if they’re unvaccinated. If you are going to supply masks, mention this on the invitation and have them readily available at the entrance. There’s no reason to open yourself up to uncomfortable conversations as guests arrive.

One way to keep things festive is to customize your hygienic party favors, so that they a lot less sterile looking. For instance, you can personalize disposable face masks, mini bottles of hand sanitizer, and disinfectant hand wipes to match the theme of your wedding day.

Above all, stay current with the safety regulations for New Jersey by checking with the state’s Covid website. You can also try other platforms like the New Jersey Bride site for the latest recommendations as the day approaches. It will be tough for guests to argue with your health stipulations if they correspond to New Jersey’s guidance on Covid safety.

Try Electronic Wedding Communications

With Covid-19 guidelines changing and evolving so quickly, it might be easier to invite your guests via a website or electronic means instead of printing invitations. With all of uncertainty surrounding the pandemic, you don’t need the headache of having to change or send follow up printed invitations because of new Covid safety recommendations. You’ll save yourself lots of hassle with the option to alert your guests via the click of a button.

Mind the Space

Whether you are celebrating indoors or outdoors, make sure there is plenty of space to uphold social distancing guidelines. You could rent extra tables, so guests can more easily keep their distance. You might also want to place the more vulnerable members of your family, such as older guests, at their own table with at least six feet of spacing from other people.

Adapt Your Lounge Areas

You don’t have to eliminate those nice reception, lounge areas because of Covid, you just need to make them as safe as possible.  For instance, replace couches with comfy armchairs to cut down on people squeezing in together. You could also try a few taller chairs without the armrests and place them around tall bar tables for chic but safe gatherings.

Instead of a photo booth, opt for a more socially-distanced photo area where you can get nice photos without tempting people to cluster. Consult with an experienced wedding photographer beforehand to see what options you have for getting candid shots without jeopardizing people’s health.

Regardless of the precautions you take, weddings will always be stressful events. For most attendees, your wedding will be their first time at a large gathering after nearly a year of relative isolation. It also means interacting with strangers whose health and vaccine status they probably won’t know. Therefore, you need to do as much as possible to ensure your guests’ safety while enjoying a day that should produce memories to last a lifetime.

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