The snow has melted and spring flowers begin blooming. These are the signs that spring has arrived and the kids are anxiously looking forward to the outdoors. If your child has been staring outside during the winter months they might enjoy a nice outdoor birthday party. Spring is a nice month for birthdays since the sun has not become too hot to enjoy. If you are planning a spring birthday party you can have bright colors, cool themes, and fun games. Here are some tips for party planning parents.

Springtime Themes

  • Rainbow and Umbrella party

Spring can be a rainy season, but that shouldn’t get you down. Plan a fun craft for the kids that will work indoors or outdoors for the party. You can have them make coffee filter umbrellas using paint and colorful twist ties. If you want to make rainbows, cut paper plates in half and use crayons to add a splash of color.

  • Rubber Ducky party

Fill a kiddy pool with water and put rubber ducks in the pool. Have the kids pick their favorite duck and decorate it with markers, glue, beads, and feathers. If it’s not going to be a nice day outside decorate cupcakes with peeps and colorful icing.

  • Sesame Street party

This is a fun theme for youngsters. Find coloring books and have the kiddos color their favorite characters. There is even an Elmo beanbag toss you can create for kids using a cardboard box with a printout of Elmo. Find a fabric pattern with Sesame Street themes and sew together bags to hold beans for tossing into the box.

  • Animal party

Create an animal scavengers hunt for kids. Your kids probably have lots of stuffed animals; you can hide them around the house for the scavengers hunt. Create a map on the computer that looks like a safari. This could be a really fun game for the kids inside or outside.

  • Seuss party

Have the kids bring their favorite Dr. Seuss book and have a fun story time. Include Dr. Seuss themes in the party with food and party favors. Let the parents know their kids can optionally wear stripes in honor of the Cat in the Hat.

  • Superhero party

Superheroes can be for boys and girls. Invite the kids to wear a costume of their favorite superhero. Create a storyboard outline and print them for the kids to come up with their own stories. The superhero can be make-believe or one that is already known. Once they are finished with the creation they can share their ideas with the other partygoers.

  • Watercolor party

Watercoloring is fun and a colorful way to spend the afternoon. Get some art supplies and have the kids go to town. Decorate the room with lots of color to welcome spring and wish your little one a happy birthday.

Best Places for Spring Parties

Spring weather is not always predictable, it’s can be sunny one day and rainy the next. Make sure to plan for all possible outcomes. Use ideas that work well inside and outside. If you have a clean 2 or more car garage you can host most of the party there, just in case it starts to rain. If there is a chance of rain, there is a fun indoor playground in Kenilworth.

Hoppin’ Invites

Part of having a fun springtime birthday means including the kids in the decoration of the invitations. Type the details on the computer, print it out, and have the kid’s paste it to handmade invites. This keeps the kids involved and excited about their upcoming party. Kids love having something to look forward to and the invites are more personal than something generic.

Must Have Party Favors

A lot of people think that you have to spend a lot of money on party favors, when in fact that is not true. You can create many fun favors that kids will love to create for their friends. Take a trip to the craft store and find theme related goodies. You can make a couple of cute crafts to put inside of a little baggie for the kids to take home.  In the spirit of spring you might even want to get little plastic eggs and fill them with candy if you are on a time constraint, but want to do something nice. Either way, have fun and enjoy the day!

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