Well, it’s that time of year again – summer time!  Fresh air, warm sun on your face and corporate team building exercises?!  Well, okay, maybe not everyone is going to be interested in that last part, but if you have a business, are a manager, or you have a team of people that work for or with you, the summer might just be the perfect time to step outside, breath in the fresh air, and enjoy some team building exercises for your team members.  Team building events is about doing fun stuff; going out of the normal everyday routine your team is used to, and having some fun, learning to work with each other, or just playing some legal hooky on a day of filled with some really cool activities.  Summer is a great time for these events because it allows you to go outside and enjoy the weather.  If you are looking for a few ideas for your next corporate events venue in New Jersey, continue reading below for some fun ideas.

Winery Activities

If you are looking for an all-day activity or something to do before or after dinner, Wineries are a good location to consider.  Some wineries have taste testing, which is great as is, but others include other additional activities such as classes on wine, blended wines; how they work, what they are, what wines go good together, etc. as well as more hands on games like a Sangria Contest.  Anyone that has ever had sangria probably already knows what it is, but essentially it’s a mixture of wine, chopped fruit, a sweetener of some sort and alcohol like rum or brandy.  Mixed altogether, it creates a really satisfying drink, perfect for a hot summer’s day.  Sangria Contests allow your team members to learn a little more about sangria and different variations and then puts them into groups – each group has to make their own Sangria, along with designing their own container, make a business name, Sangria name, etc.  It’s just a really fun experience and it teaches your team members how to work together on a whole other level.

Chili Cook Off

Chili is one of the most popular dishes in the US so it’s no big surprise that this is a popular activity for team building in the summer months.  If you pick an event that has this activity, you will be given everything you need, including a stocked kitchen, utensils and accessories in order to make chili.  It can either be a group of larger teams or smaller teams that makes the chili.  But the end game is all about who has the best tasting chili.  If you have a few people that don’t like making or eating chili, you can make them the taste testers in a blind eating challenge where they vote for the best chili.  The team or teams that win get recognition for having the best chili.  This can be done with any food type though, not just chili; cakes and pies, breakfast foods, ribs or just about anything else you can think of.

Build a Boat

Built a boat pits one team against another in a team building boat exercise where they will be given a slew of objects, items and tools in order to build a boat.  The boat has to float above the surface, have no holes in it, and the entire group has to be able to get into the boat.  When finished, take it to a local swimming pool, lake or pond and put the boat in the water and make the team who built it, get into the boat.  If it floats, they win, if not, well… someone is getting wet!  This is a really cool exercise for team building and can also be used for making other transportation vehicles like a soap box derby car.