Then sit back and watch in amazement as the Jetson brood tan indoors, awaken to talking radios, and chat with friends through the magic of a TV screen. Hold on a second. All this doesn’t seem so amazing anymore, does it? If you’re old enough to remember how cool it was to imagine all that Jetson hocus-pocus, you know now that it really is magic… the magic of technology, that is. In many ways, today’s modern home is the epitome of our parents’ and grandparents’ wildest fantasies. The stuff of yesterday’s tech-inspired Jetson’s cartoons are the realities that make today’s contemporary life fun, exciting, and gloriously convenient. And you can’t get more fun, more excitement, and more convenience than by creating your very own modern home. Home audio installation, security installation, home theater and hands-free installation… these are all the high-tech stuff that yesterday’s dreams… and today’s realities… are made of.

Smart technologies

Smart has always been useful, and with today’s smart technologies, your home is about to become a genius. You likely already own smart tech on a small scale, but the idea for the modern home is to ramp it up to make your entire home brilliant. Home audio installation experts can make your home interact with you with voice recognition software. Tell your home to turn on the air conditioner, instruct it to turn off the lights, or direct it to put on some soothing night music. With all the helpful hands-free tech out there today, you can free up time to do more important things in life. George Jetson never had it so good!


No house has enough smarts until it has enough security. If you’re going to do it, you need to do it right. Sure, the modern home is about fun, excitement, and convenience, but what’s convenient about not having a secure home? The good thing about your modern home is that it’s modern. The bad thing about your modern home is that it’s modern. Truly, if there’s one thing modern society lacks, it’s security. So when you’re creating your brand new, state-of-the-art, modern smart house, be sure to include security measures such as video monitoring and face recognition software. Being smart also means being wise.

Green is smart

Smartening up your house in the 21st century just isn’t possible without greening up your house. Eco-friendly energy consumption is the wave of the future, and if you’re going to have a futuristic home, then do it up right! While you’re modernizing your home, include green energy such as solar panels that not only will increase your use of Earth’s most abundant natural resource, the sun; it will also cost you less money. And that’s more money that you can include in all those other smart features!


Finally, remember that the modern smart home is about making your life easier, not harder. Don’t include anything in your wise new digs that’s going to cause you stress or add to your already-too-packed daily routine. Talk frankly to your home audio installation expert, your security installer, and all the other contractors involved in your new modern home. Impart to them the importance of streamlining your home for convenience, safety, and simplicity. Remember that one of the main reasons you’re doing this is to add time to your day, not subtract it.

Did you know that the film 2001: A Space Odyssey actually inspired a watch maker to create the digital watches so many of us rely on? It’s true! The LED prototype was developed out of an inspiration from the sci-fi film. Cool example of life imitating art, huh? Makes you wonder how much of today’s modern home was actually inspired by the Jetson’s! Those of us who are old enough, remember watching in awe as George, Mr. Spacely, and the gang worked their futuristic contraptions with ease. And we wondered how long it would be before we could talk face-to-face with friends thousands of miles away and secure our houses with the touch of a button. And it’s finally here! Now… how ’bout that flying car thing?

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