Most women become entrepreneurs out of necessity. There are many factors that contribute to a women’s necessity to becoming an entrepreneur rather than seeking traditional means of employment. Factors include women not having many available employment options for them to achieve their desired career or financial outcomes, or there being overly restrictive workplace policies that don’t accommodate their roles as caregivers. Critical motivators for women starting their businesses include discrimination, pay inequities, restrictive workplace and child care challenges. According to research opportunistic entrepreneurs are more likely to succeed, more likely to create jobs, and more likely to meaningfully contribute to the economy. Success in the business world is all in your favor ladies!

Recognizing Women Entrepreneurs

According to the National Association of Women Business Owners, there are 9.1 million woman owned businesses nationwide, employing 7.9 million employees and generating $1.4 trillion in sales. In NYC alone there are thousands of women owned start-ups and small businesses. Corporations and countries are beginning to recognize the value that women in leadership role have. The role of women as leaders in companies all over the world is growing significantly. The world is starting to learn the greater understanding of the value women can play in driving creative, thought-proving solutions that can yield success for all organizations.

Women Entrepreneurs Building Relationships

The future is all about building relationships and networking. Although we live in a technology driven world, it’s still a human world and relationships are essential. Women are naturally more skilled at building relationships. While men tend to be informers, women tend to be real communicators. Social media is all about communicating and engaging, and luckily women have the whole social media thing down. This benefits women because social media is a powerful platform for promoting business. The shift in business from informing to communicating provides great opportunity for women leadership.

Successful Entrepreneurial Women Collaborate

Today, businesses largely run on collaborations and women tend to be very collaborative. But what helps collaboration? Networking! In a world that is all about stay connected and networking, collaboration is necessary. It’s important get people communicating, collaborating, and working together in any business. Two brands coming together with a product or a service that has a bit of both worlds and surprises both their customer base with innovations is what keeps startups going.

Passionate Women Results in Successful Women

When entrepreneurial women are passionate about a company, product, service, or whatever they are doing, they become extremely driven. Having emotional drive can be very powerful in leading a business. Imagine the feeling of performing the same tasks and activities, and pulling in the same income, but your week being spent producing results that make you proud and bring you joy. That’s the energy of passion and it’s what will keep you going when the tasks are unpleasant, the money isn’t coming in, and physical energy is no longer there. Passion is what will keep you going until there is no return and it is what will fuel your business.

Women Risk Takers in Business

Often the biggest business growth and success comes from taking a calculated risk and then putting all your hard work and resources behind it. Women are starting to take bigger risks in shorter amounts of time. Partly because of the increased speed that information is available. Women who are conquering the fear of risk are given the power as women entrepreneurs to positively transform the world through business. Overcoming the fear of risk will enable more women to bravely start new businesses, go forward toward their goals, and make the world a better place.

Why Women Become Great Entrepreneurs

Women can network, socializing has never been an issue for women and they can be great communicators at expressing their feelings to other people. Women have great intuition and are known for their ability to channel their energy into the right direction especially when they hold responsible positions. Women can multitask; they can understand and coordinate with any aspect of a challenge. Women have patience and are great listeners. Sensing the thoughts and feeling of other appropriately, they emerge to be great solution providers. They respect reciprocal relationships and are more collaborative and cooperative in their approach. Women have an inclination towards a holistic and self-reflective approach consequently making her a stronger and more effective leader.