Entrepreneurship and feminism are converging and together they will drive a long golden age of female entrepreneurship. Female entrepreneurship is positive and empowering for women who make the leap; it’s good for the economy, good for consumers, and good for society. The business landscape was a man’s world, but times are changing as women are wielding more and more power on both sides of the business transaction. Women in business are becoming a powerful band of advocates, collaborators and allies. Women entrepreneurs, who know how to leverage their innate strength, overcome barriers and build relationships that drive growth in their businesses and careers are running the world.

Recognizing Women Entrepreneurs

According to the National Association of Women Business Owners, there are 9.1 million woman owned businesses nationwide, employing 7.9 million employees and generating $1.4 trillion in sales. Corporations and countries are beginning to recognize the value that women in leadership have. The role of women as leaders in companies all over the world is growing significantly. The world is starting to learn the greater understanding of the value women can play in driving creative, thought-proving solutions that can yield success for all organizations.

Women Entrepreneurs Networking

Networking builds business. Women entrepreneurs who network with other women are becoming more and more successful. Women entrepreneurs are sharing interests among each other that provide mutual respect and invaluable sounding boards. This helps women support one another in their business ventures and by supporting one another, all women can move up in their respective fields.  Women business owners should empower each other, not compete with each other. When women support fellow women business owners, they can create strategic partnerships that benefit both of their companies.

Women Taking the Lead

Women entrepreneurs are not just influencing the market, they are the market. Thanks to the advancement of computers and cell phones, countries where you’d expect women to have no voice at all are becoming informed and empowered, which ultimately has an effect on culture. Women are now running and leading the companies that make the products women are buying for themselves and their families. Interestingly enough, women are leading companies in industries that have been male dominated for years back.

Women Entrepreneurs Building Relationships

The future is all about relationships and this is where women shine. Women are more adept at relationship building. Men tend to be informers while women tend to be real communicators. Our world is very technology driven, but relationships still matter in the human world. Social media is all about communicating and engaging, and women are successfully leading in this department. Communicating provides great opportunity for women leadership.

Risk-Taking Business Women

Women are becoming risk-takers, who tend to analyze things through, weigh all the elements, and then make a decision. Business women are taking bigger risks in shorter amounts of time. Entrepreneurial women being able to combine thinking first and acting fast is essential for the business world today. Not only are women huge risk takers, but they’re extremely passionate about their business. Being that women are passionate about their product, service or company; this makes them extremely driven. Women having an emotional drive can be powerful in leading a business. A desire of flexibility, purpose and a more meaningful lifestyle has motivated many women to reconsider traditional careers and ways of working.

Female Entrepreneur Mind-Set

Female entrepreneurs share the qualities of turning challenges into opportunities, while maintaining unyielding confidence in the future success of their venture. Women entrepreneurs also have an understanding that nobody succeeds on their own, so giving back must go beyond profits. Today, a growing number of women are starting multiple enterprises, and despite them often being inexperienced at the beginning, they’re undeterred, passionately engaged and don’t apologize for, nor compromise their ambition and ultimate goals. Female entrepreneurs are showing that they have everything they need to succeed.

Seek Help When Needed and Offer Support

If you’re looking to expand you’re entrepreneur skills but are feeling a bit stuck, consult with an executive strategist. An executive strategist can help take your business to the next level and uncover your business greatness. The same way female entrepreneurs may be seeking guidance to help keep their business up and running, it’s also important for women entrepreneurs to offer support in return. Think of yourself as a resource to others. Women entrepreneurs should be able to return the favor and make the relationship transactional. Thank your workplace ally or business colleague for their help so they feel comfortable asking you for something, even years down the road. This is how you build connections and support each other in the female entrepreneur world.