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Outdoor lighting is a fabulous way to add a nice ambience to your home, which in turn can increase its curb appeal (especially at nighttime) and its property value. Outdoor lighting is a great way to show off your home’s exterior and landscape. Listed below are the 10 top outdoor lighting trends for 2022:


Like the name suggests, downlights are outdoor lights that point downwards. Often, the bulbs will be covered on both the tops and the sides, which allows for that specific area to be illuminated. Downlights make for great landscape lighting, as they are usually a top choice for highlighting parts of the yard that may be darker than others. They are also solid outdoor lights for walkways.

Smart Lights

Smart lights provide outdoor lighting from a simple application on your phone. Using this application, one can control the lights. Smart lights come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and designs. A lot of smart lights have the ability to change colors, so they are great for hosting parties and other special events. Their color changing ability also makes them a fun choice for pool lighting, as you can change the colors to fit the mood and even dim them to create a more relaxing vibe. Smart lights are a solid choice for outdoor living, as they can be turned on and off from anywhere using your phone.

Motion-sensing Lights

Motion-sensing lights only turn on when they detect any type of movement within a specific area. These lights are a great choice for security measures and are often used in tandem with security cameras as they help provide a clearer image.

Bistro Lighting

Bistro lighting, also referred to as strand lighting, are lights installed above outdoor spaces. For example, they can be a great addition to your patio, garden, or deck. These lights are also excellent for outdoor parties and can spruce up any outdoor living space. This outdoor lighting is usually dimmer than other types, as it aims to replicate the ambience one may find when at a bistro, which often utilizes these strand lights.

Hardscape Lighting

Hardscape lighting refers to backyard lighting that is used to illuminate the “hard” parts of your landscape, which includes architectural elements like paths, steps, walls, and edging. This type of outdoor lighting usually features a softer light that points downwards, similar to downlights.

Solar-powered Pathway Lights

Solar-powered pathway lights are a solid hardscape lighting choice. These lights don’t require wiring and instead rely on small panels of solar cells to soak up the sunlight during the day. At night, these outdoor lights use the energy collected during the day to illuminate both the exterior of your house and your backyard.

LED Step Lights

These LED lights are found on long and flat stripes that almost look like the chips inside of your computer’s mainframe. This leads to this outdoor lighting to sometimes be referred to as strip lighting. These are perfect hardscape lights that you can line your steps with so that at night you can see where you are going. Not only are LED step lights beautiful, but they also help ensure your safety at night so that you don’t trip and fall. These outdoor lights are generally controlled by a small remote that will even let you change the color.

Fairy Lights

A crowd favorite, fairy lights are netted lights that can be used to decorate bushes, trees, or other parts of your landscape. These outdoor lights are often seen during the Holidays, as they can make any backyard appear magical and whimsical. Fairy lights come in both white and colored bulbs, allowing you to choose the aesthetic of your backyard.


Also referred to as uplighting, this type of outdoor lighting is usually placed at or slightly above ground level and are pointed upwards. These lights are an excellent choice to highlight exterior ornamental home features. They also make for great pool lighting. Spotlights are a solid choice for lighting up the entire exterior of your home and can help deter burglars. These outdoor lights come in various strengths depending on what you would like them to illuminate. For example, putting a high-intensity spotlight by your window may make it difficult to sleep.

Exterior Wall Lights

A majority of homes feature exterior wall lights, as they make for great hardscape lighting. Exterior wall lights are outdoor lights that attach to the outer wall of your house. They often have some sort of ornamental casing to make them look more appealing and help contain some of the light they emit. In 2022, these lights are being used more than ever and the new trend is to place them every feet few feet on your exterior walls.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Light up your backyard and landscape with these outdoor lighting trends of 2022. Create the perfect nighttime hangout spot for you and your loved ones by hiring an experienced lighting designer.

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