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Are you planning on renovating the exterior of your home in 2022 and have no idea where to start? In this article, we’ll cover 5 trending exterior design elements that would be a perfect addition to your upcoming home renovation project.

Exterior Remodeling Home Colors

Both black and white will still be popular color palettes for 2022, but softer and warmer whites will take the place of brighter whites. In addition, painted brick will replace simple white farmhouse siding. If your budget for home renovations is tight, don’t worry! Since another trend of 2022 is mixing exterior materials, you can mix some lower-cost siding will some painted brick.

Soft white paint will stay a popular choice for exterior home remodeling in 2022, but the opposite will also become very popular. Rich, moody, and dark exterior colors (think deep charcoal) will also be a hot choice for homeowners. While fully dark exterior may be a little too brooding, color blocking has also been trending. Color-blocking the exterior of your home allows you experiment both with deep and moody colors while keeping the exterior inviting. This can be done by going all out and painting full sections of your home’s exterior with dark paint or can be done subtly by simply painting some shutters or your front door a dark color while keeping the base of the exterior a soft white.

Some other popular color choices of 2022 are rooted in nature, so think soft neutrals, greens, and blues that you would tend to find outside.

Exterior Design Elements

A timeless trend that is not going anywhere is 2022 is adding natural textures to your home’s exterior. Some popular textures include wood, stone, and brick. These natural elements and both depth and texture to your curb appeal, especially in conjunction with a color-blocked exterior.

Some other classic trends include metal roof accents, dark gutters in contrast with a soft white exterior, and bronze and copper elements. While a lot of these elements and textures aren’t budget-friendly, there are many ways to achieve this look on a lower budget. For example, you can use vinyl siding and faux stones. Talk to your home remodeling expert for more information on cheaper textures.

Transitional Exteriors

In 2022, the idea of a hybrid home exterior is rising the ranks of popular home renovation trends. The hybrid look that is in style right now is one that incorporates farmhouse and craftsman elements, together with traditional and modern influences.

Also in 2022 home remodeling trends, natural has quickly become the new neutral. Natural wood is being used all around the home, as it is a great way to bring some warmth to modern minimalism. Wood can be used as an accent color in contrast with a dark exterior, or as a “third neutral” on black and white exteriors that helps tie together stained columns, cladding, and the front door.

Statement Garage Doors

Due to a garage door’s visibility and size, it is often a large part of the exterior of a house and should be included in any home remodeling and renovations. The garage door is an important style anchor and a space for homeowners to show off their unique personality.

A popular garage door style in 2022 is carriage house garage doors. These are great for homes with a farmhouse build, but you can put a modern twist on it with sleek frosted glass garage doors featuring black aluminum frames to play into the black and white color scheme.

In terms of color, black garage doors are rapidly becoming a top choice for owners renovating their homes. Along with black accent colors on windows and trim, this dark color scheme creates a modern vibe and makes for a more compelling design that will increase your house’s curb appeal.

Bridging the Indoors and Outdoors

Another popular home remodeling trend of 2022 is connecting indoor spaces with outdoors space, essentially blurring the lines between these two spaces. Natural lighting has become a priority for 2022 homeowners, and new windows are a great way to do this. With replacement windows that can be easily installed by an experienced exterior home remodeler, there are a multitude of new window styles to choose from. Some great choices for letting in natural light include awning windows, sunroom windows, bow windows, bay windows, and sliding windows.

Garage doors can also be a great way to include this 2022 trend in your home renovations, as builders are starting to get more creative with their designs. You can have glass garage doors installed that can be rolled up whenever you desire, allowing you to expand your home’s square footage for outdoor entertaining.


Homeowners in 2022 are combining modern and traditional elements to create a hybrid exterior that is both striking and welcoming at the same time. Hiring an experienced exterior home remodeling expert can help you to find a way to make these trends work, regardless of your budget.

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