In the realm of home remodeling projects, bathrooms often get painted last. Though it is true that homeowners tend to remodel their bathrooms more often than most other rooms of their home, it’s also true that when they’re doling out paint projects, they typically land on the bathroom after all other rooms of the house. Perhaps it’s because most folks don’t spend a whole lot of time in the bathroom. It tends to be a room of function, and then we move on to live our lives in the other rooms. But bathrooms probably should be at the top of the list for repainting for a number of reasons. First and most obviously, because the bathroom typically is the smallest room in your home, you won’t spend a lot of time or money transforming it with just a little paint. Second, because bathrooms often are the smallest rooms in most houses, they all too often don’t have a color palette that is pleasing and makes them feel cozy. According to top house painters, the paint color you choose for your bathroom can make or break its entire ambiance.

Bathroom Size

Bathrooms tend not only to be the smallest rooms in the house; they also tend to have the most awkward shapes. It’s not uncommon for a home to have a bathroom that is too narrow or is misshapen in some other way, with a weird nook or some other odd area. This is particularly true of old homes where bathrooms seemed almost like an afterthought—after the bedrooms, living room, and kitchen were included, it appeared they threw in the bathroom in what little space they had leftover. Of course, the great thing about painting your bathroom is that paint can mask a myriad of bathroom size and shape errors. For a bathroom that’s too small, consider painting with bright colors. Yellow is always a good color for a too-small bathroom because it not only makes it seem bigger, but it adds to the sunniness in a room that often is devoid of enough natural sunlight. For a narrow bathroom, paint the shorter walls with a color that’s darker in order to square off the room.

Consider The Fixtures

Along with the size of your bathroom, the fixtures are the most important factor when choosing a new color or color combo to paint it. New fixtures are great if you can afford them—they will help to determine the color palette. If new fixtures just aren’t in the budget this year but you hate the colors of the old ones, don’t fret. You would be surprised what adding one or two new shades, tints, or hues to your walls and bathroom accessories will do to spruce up those old fixtures. You may even find those fixture colors you thought you hated you now love! Consult with a top house painter whose knowledge about color will help you decide.

Consider The Character

Perhaps the most important factor in deciding your bathroom’s new color is its character. So what exactly does that mean? It means deciding the color palette depending upon your family’s personality as well as the personality and style of the rest of your home. If you’re looking for a whole new look and feel that will add a touch of romance to your bathroom living space, consider rich blues and purples. If your bathroom’s a bit on the drab side and you want to play up your family’s energy, consider brights that will enhance that liveliness.

If you’re embarking on a house painting project that includes your bathroom, you want to make sure you’ve chosen the right color combination. Otherwise, you’ll be reminded every single day of the poor choice you made, and you’ll likely just want to have it repainted soon after it’s finished. For best results when choosing a bathroom paint color, you need to consider the fixtures first. Whether you’re plan is to purchase new ones, or you’re keeping the existing fixtures, these are the focal point of your bathroom. For more information on how to choose a bathroom paint color, consult with a house painter near you whose expertise and creative eye will help you choose the right color combo for your home.