Today, many homeowners are opting for unique home theater experiences as they seek spaces within their home where they can entertain guests, spend time with family or just to kick back and relax.  These media rooms are equipped with the latest in technology but they are also designed with style, for the ultimate home theater experience.  For those who are seeking home theater installation in Short Hills, here are a few ways to combine the latest in technology, lighting and décor to create a media experience that dreams are made of.

State-of-the-art Equipment & Technology

The first component that goes into the design of the home theatre room is the homeowner’s choice in equipment.  Modern, state-of-the-art and high-quality equipment such as motorized screens, projectors, multi-room audio and speakers can all be installed by a professional team of designers.  Such equipment does not have to be bulky or unsightly.  Instead, modern equipment and controls can be installed in such a manner that the only thing a homeowner has to do is hit a simple touch screen button and the entire system is activated.  For instance, motorized screens or speakers that drop from the ceiling are all popular additions to today’s media rooms.  The key to choosing the right equipment resides in choosing top manufacturers who focus on excellent performance.  A team of skilled home theater professionals can provide their professional insight into how to choose the best technology for the media room.  With so many technological advances, there are no limits to the types of equipment that can be installed.  When considering a residential home media equipment install, consult with a home theater designer near you to learn more.


The ultimate home theater experience can also be obtained through modern lighting controls.  Today’s homeowners are opting for lighting that mimics the experience of being in an actual movie theater.  This can be obtained with custom home theater lighting installation.  Modern lighting options such as LED lighting, recessed lighting and wall sconces are all excellent options to consider.  The proper lighting can truly create the most superior home theater experience imaginable.  Lighting is important for creating an accurate home theater ambiance that gives the homeowner the experience of actually feeling like they are in a movie theater when in fact they are in the comfort of their own home.

Interior Design

The best in home theatre design includes not only the technology, but also the aesthetic layout of the room as well.  The best layout will be designed for enjoyment and personal style.  Interior design of a home theatre room may include:  theatre seating, surround sound speakers, window treatments, the paint color, custom shelving, wall art or other staples such as fun popcorn machines!

  • Theater Seating – High-quality theater seating that reclines and positions for the best sight line to see what’s on the movie screen are at the top of the wish list for homeowners. Such seating comes in many styles, materials and colors to match the homeowner’s personal preferences.
  • Window Treatments – Custom curtains, draperies and blackout shades are all popular choices for home media rooms.
  • Paint Colors – When designing a home theatre also consider the color of the walls and ceiling. The right paint color or color combinations can enhance the media experience.
  • Custom Shelving – Shelving (including hidden shelving) is an important component of the home theatre. Shelving provides a solution that not only complements furnishings but also supports equipment.
  • Wall Art – Interior design of a home theatre also includes fabulous wall art like framed movie posters or other stylish art that meets the visual needs of the room’s occupants.
  • Other Décor – Other décor may include full-scale popcorn machines, vending machines and even arcade games. There is no limit to the imagination when designing a home theatre room!

When designing a home theatre room consider the overall look and feel of the room and not just the equipment.  While the equipment and technology are the first step in creating a beautiful and comfortable home media room, other components must be considered as well such as lighting, furnishings and even behind-the-scenes shelving.  There are so many turnkey solutions available when considering home theater installation in Short Hills.  Contact a home theater designer near you and speak to a project manager today who can discuss all of the available options for home theatre design and who can oversee the project from start to finish for the best results.