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In 2022, with the global pandemic still going strong, we are spending more and more time in our homes. This has created a strong desire to make the interior of our homes more warm and cozy, as lately we have also been focusing on how a design has the ability to invoke certain feelings. Several top interior designers have predicted that we will move towards more earthy colors like green and brown that may be seen in fabrics like leather or in terracotta walls. Going along with the nature-inspired theme, interior designers predict that this will show in surfaces and other accents around the home. A common trend is for the home to feel very welcoming, but still feeling as though there is a lot of open space to roam like you would find outdoors.

Interior design paint colors

For a long time, neutrals were very in, especially white. Neutrals will still play a part in interior design paint colors, but people are starting to move towards slightly bolder colors that still stay close to hues you would find in nature. Chocolate, cognac, and burnt umber are just some shades of brown that are expected to make a comeback. Instead of focusing on crisp whites, steely grays, and other more cool-toned paints that create a more contemporary look, we are shifting in a warmer direction with beiges, nudes, and creams.

Brown is not the only nature color that is back in style right now. In 2022, major paint companies like Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore, PPG, and others all named a shade of green as the top color trend for this year. Top designers have predicted that soft shades of green will trump blue as the most popular decorating color. This newfound affinity for green can be explained by the fact that many people missed the outdoors during the COVID-19 pandemic and wanted to bring a little piece of that inside their home.

Nature-inspired surfaces and objects

Sticking with the nature theme, natural surfaces like stoneware, marble, terracotta, and travertine are being used all throughout the home. Many different textures are found in nature, and people are loving the added depth these textures and surfaces bring to the inside of the home.

People will also be inspired by nature’s more magical mysteries, so we will also see a lot of sparkling crystals, mushroom silhouettes, and swirling marbles that incorporate raw materials. This nature-inspired designs are sure to bring life to any space in your home.


Out of all interior design trends of 2022, texture was the most mentioned topic. Caroline Brackett, an interior designer based in South Carolina, predicts that textiles that are furry or cozy will be very popular. Another designer predicted that we will also see more fringe and decorative trim.

We will see a rise in walls receiving textural treatments using techniques like limewashing and paint products that mimic Venetian plaster finishes. Layering up on textures is also becoming popular, which can be done using furniture and accessories. Some great materials for this include leather, natural stone, wood, and metal.

Locally and sustainably sourced décor

With the rise of awareness when it comes to the environment, many people are becoming more conscious of where their products are originating from. Consumers are even researching how their furniture is made, right down to the wood, glues, and fibers used. People are also more concerned about leaving a carbon footprint, so locally sourced furniture that doesn’t have to travel as far is a top choice for many. When it comes to artwork, consumers are also following this trend by choosing artwork from up-and-coming artists that are local.

Elevated outdoor furniture

With the desire to combine the indoors and outdoors, outdoor furniture is now becoming an extension of your interior décor. Top interior designers predict that outdoor furniture will start to become more refined and sophisticated as we begin to start entertaining outdoors again.

Dual-purpose rooms

With COVID-19 still raging on, living spaces continue to double as much more than that. Rooms will start being designed for dual purposes. This may be seen in dining rooms where the walls are lined with books and in bedrooms equipped with a workout area. With people spending more time in their homes, it makes sense that the kitchen should also function as a conference room when you need to attend a meeting over Zoom.

Staying on theme with blurring the lines between the outside and inside world, consumers are choosing to convert their old garages into multipurpose outdoor living spaces. Some people even replace their garage doors with a glass folding window wall. On nice days, this wall can be open for complete access to the outdoors, and when it’s too cold out, you can still enjoy the view of the outdoors from the comfort of your newly converted garage. Replacement windows are a great way to blur the lines between the indoors and outdoors.

The overarching interior design trend of 2022 is the connection between the inside of your home and the nature right outside your front door. People are wanting to bring nature indoors, whether that’s through a new window allowing sunlight in or through a completely converted garage-to-entertainment space with a folding window wall. 2022 is all about creating an interior design that is both functional and friendly.

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