You’re getting married. That means you’ve got a wedding to plan. What a wonderful time of your life! So, what’s the first thing you do when planning the wedding? Deciding on the date, of course. Do you want a breathtaking winter wedding, with all the glory of the holiday season and winter’s frosty beauty? Do you want a fresh spring wedding, with its feeling of crisp newness and pastel artistry? Maybe you want a sunny summer wedding that will leave you with a feeling of tropical grandeur. Or perhaps you’re thinking of an autumn wedding, with all the season’s harvest richness and cool exuberance. Whatever the season you choose for your wedding, you likely will want to incorporate some of the upcoming wedding season’s hottest trends.


One of this year’s hottest trends in winter weddings is a beautiful wedding cake decorated in all white with metallic accents of gold or silver. The whole idea for this spectacular wedding cake style is sleek and sophisticated. Clean, crisp lines that include wintery white icing all over and additions of white flowers of your choice and a touch of refined metallic accents. Edible pearl beads are huge for this trend, as are gold or silver leaf accents.

Of course, a Christmas-themed wedding is the time-honored classic of winter. This year, however, the idea is more ‘frozen’ than red and white. True, red and white weddings are the tradition for this time of year; however, in keeping with the concept of frosty beauty, stark white with gold accents are being directed from the cake to the entire wedding, even if it takes place in December. If you’re planning a winter wedding, it’s a good idea to opt for a wedding venue in New Jersey that will accommodate both an indoor and outdoor wedding or one that can create your outdoor theme indoors.


The biggest thing next season for spring wedding trends is bold colors. Sure, the big idea for spring weddings has always been soft colors such as pastels. However, this year, spring is all about fresh, crisp expression that pops!, and that means daring colors that aren’t always associated with this time of year. But the big question here is … why not?! Spring is the season when it comes to bold, fresh color, especially since it follows winter’s austerity. That’s why this bold color idea is trending big-time for the upcoming wedding season. If you like pastels, try a more intense update of softer pinks, blues, yellows, and greens. Bolder patterns, too, are the way to go for next spring.


If you thought bold was big for spring, it’s even bigger for summer weddings. This year, the idea for summer nuptials is light, bright, and passionate. Hues that accentuate how you feel for your betrothed, in sensuous reds, deep oranges, and striking yellows … these are the color palettes for summer weddings for the next season. Think dynamic; think charismatic; think positively fiery! Be mindful of your use of too many intense colors with this summery wedding trend, however. The idea is sensuous and sexy, not garish and gaudy.


Autumn has replaced spring as the most popular time of year for weddings. That’s why the autumn wedding trends for the upcoming season are so important. The biggest trend of this year (and it was also one of last year’s hottest items), is the simple but elegant woodland wedding. Perhaps this trend is still huge because so many couples are choosing that which is unencumbered and natural, over the usual bridal stress that causes headaches and breakups. The perfect harmony of nature and nurture, that’s the idea for the autumn woodland wedding. Your genuine love + nature’s organic glory … this is the equation that makes the perfect fall woodland wedding.

There’s no such thing as a bad season for a wedding … only what season is right for your wedding. Every season of the year has its own abundant beauty and mysterious passion. The idea when choosing the best season for your wedding is deciding what components are most expressive of the personality fusion of you and your betrothed. Whether your nuptials will take place in winter, spring, summer, or fall, and whether you’ve chosen an indoor wedding or an outdoor wedding venue, you want to make sure the wedding venue is equipped with everything you need to make your day perfect. To have all your questions answered about this year’s top seasonal wedding trends, contact at top wedding venue to schedule a consultation.

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