If you love to bike and you love bike tours around the world, you might have run the gambit as far as locations go.  If you have seen Califnias wine country and you’ve been to French farmlands and you know what the cheese tastes like at Shelburne Farms (Vermont) you might be looking for something you haven’t done before.  Thankfully, you have lists like this to show you some new and popular places you haven’t been before.  Chances are though, if you love to cycle and you have friends that cycle, you’ve probably heard of a few of these places before, you just haven’t gotten around to it yet.  Hopefully this list will give you the little push you need to finally take the dive!  Below are the top 5 locations – all throughout the world, not just the US.

Vermont and New York State

If you are looking for a place closer to home in the US, this custom bike tour has everything you need.  It’s brought to you by Sojourn Bike Tours.  You will travel from the Green mountains to Adirondack Mountains and then to one of the largest lakes in the US – Lake Champlain.  As a person that has traveled to these areas via car, I can tell you that these three locations are some of the best in the US!  Because this tour is available in Sept as well as October, and you will be in locations with plentiful trees, flowers and plants, you will get to see Mother Nature in her most glorious phase – fall!  You will have 5 nights of accommodation for lodging, all of your meals taken care of, a van for support as well as some extra options such as a guided canoe tour, a cruise across the lakes and of course a tour of one of the farms to sample freshly made cheddar cheese!  This custom guided tour costs around $1900 and you will need to travel anywhere from 25miles to 55 miles per day.

Catalonia, Spain

If you have ever wanted to go to Spain, now is your chance through bike tours around the world for Spain.  This one is brought to you by a company called back roads and it allows you to experience everything that Spain has to offer.  You can experience freshly caught seafood, experience Spanish and Catalan food, all while traveling on the scenic routes of Barcelona, Pyrenees and down to Salvador Dali’s castle.  It’s really quite amazing.  Just take a look at a few of the travel sites for this specific locations and I think you are going to want to hop on a plane now and go experience it!  When it comes to bike tours around the world this is a partially expensive one at around $5000 per person, but you also get a lot for the money you pay which includes 5 nights of accommodations and lodging such as bike rentals for free, all of your meals included, snacks and drinks as well as special features like wine tasting, a support van for transfers and baggage.  The trip itself suggests that you keep a pace of 20-55 miles per day.  This is a cool option because you can choose to go with whatever route is comfortable for you.  If you are an advanced rider – choose a more challenging route, if you want to relax and unwind and just enjoy the view, take the more relaxed route.

United States

Oh boy, this is a big one!  You’ll notice with the other bike tours around the world above, I chose a specific location.  For this trip, it’s literally the United States – cross country!  This is for the big dogs.  Yes, you will enjoy the scenery.  Yes, you will be taken care of as far as lodging and food goes.  Yes, you will have an amazing time.  But, this is specifically for advanced riders with some mileage on their bikes.  In fact, you will be given an interview before you book your trip to see if you are really prepared for the trip and ready for the mileage.  This one is brought to you by Trek Travel and it includes 3600 miles of cycling over 45 days!  There are some really cool things available on this trip such as beach scenery, farmland, a few really cool historical sites and much more.  Included for the 44 night lodging is breakfast every day, 38 lunches, 36 dinners and all drinks and snacks you will need during the day.  You will also find cycle rentals along with any gear you might need like gloves, helmets and water bottles.  The trip is a little more than expensive, but hey it’s a 45 day trip guys!  This one costs $17,000 for double occupancy and about $3500 for single.  The route is intense but it varies.  Some days you might go through flat plains while other days you will be trekking mountains.  This one suggests that you can ride 37 miles to $150 miles per day!

Baltic States

If you ever wanted to travel to the Baltic States, but you never had the time or the money, this is one you should check out.  Unlike a regular vacation, this one includes everything you need for your destination cycle tour.  It allows you to travel through some really amazing locations which includes Russia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania – the Baltic States.  You will be able to sightsee and see all sorts of cool cultural and historical highlights which included National Parks, beaches, sand dunes, castles, a summer Palace and quite a few churches and monasteries.  Since this tour gets a lot of mixed people, the tour is communicated in both English and Dutch.  The cost is around $2000 and you will need to travel 12-34 miles per day throughout your 8 day trip.  You will also be glad to know that breakfast is included, with private hotel rooms, bike rentals and a city to city transport to help with things like luggage.

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