If you’re planning a wedding, you have a lot of details to attend to, not the least of which is the type and flavor of wedding cake to choose. After all, the last thing you want on your perfect day is for family members to snicker behind your back at that awful cake you provided. You want your wedding cake to be the ideal complement to the food. It not only must be moist and delicious; it should top off your wedding’s theme with the perfect amalgam of beauty and flavor. But choosing the right cake isn’t only about tasting a dozen different kinds of wedding cakes in New Jersey and then picking the one you like best. It’s about designing the quintessential symbol of your union. Following is information on the different types of wedding cakes that can help you choose the one that’s right for your nuptials.

Traditional wedding cake

Not surprisingly, the traditional wedding cake is the favorite of most brides. (Otherwise, it wouldn’t be referred to as the traditional wedding cake!) Truthfully, though, traditional wedding cakes these days are anything but traditional. Today, wedding cakes are made in every style, color, and design imaginable. As long as your cake pro can do it, anything goes! From the time-honored elegance of the tiered sugary concoction, to the whimsical freshness of your own unique creation, traditional wedding cakes are the symbol of your wedding’s theme and ambiance.

Groom’s cake

Many bridezillas forget … there’s a groom involved too! The tradition of including a groom’s cake, according to the website of Martha Stewart, began back in Victorian England. As folklore tells it, a young maiden who sleeps with a slice of the groom’s cake under her pillow will catch a glimpse of her future husband via her dreams. The groom’s cake can be a smaller version of the larger, more traditional cake, or it can be a totally new design, usually chosen by the groom himself. Grooms’ cakes often are made with a dark chocolate liqueur, but the fact is that the groom can decide for himself what he wants to go into his cake. This cake can either be sliced at the same time as the main cake, or it can be sent home with guests for enjoyment later.

Wedding cupcakes/cupcake tree

It’s perhaps the biggest trend in wedding cakes … sumptuous cupcakes with gobs of tempting icing. Many couples in New Jersey and throughout the country are opting for cupcakes these days not only for their convenience, but also because they can be made in varied flavors and with varied ingredients in order to accommodate all tastes as well as food allergies. But that does not in any way mean that cupcakes have to be boring or humdrum. In fact, many cake decorators jump at the chance to do up cupcakes in a tantalizing and awe-inspiring motif that will become its own spectacular decorative entity. Additionally, many cake decorators also offer tiered plates or other decorated means of serving cupcakes in a stylish and opulent manner.

Multiple smaller cakes

There’s no law that says you must have one huge cake for everyone to sample. Many couples these days are choosing an old tradition that, according to the website of Martha Stewart, dates back to medieval times … several smaller cakes layered for both beauty and practicality. Just as with cupcakes, opting for multiple smaller cakes rather than one big one is becoming a favorite among wedding guests because it gives everyone a choice of flavors and ingredients. Additionally, many couples choose to go with placing one small cake at each table, with flavors varying from one table to the next. Guests are then instructed to move around the room if they want to sample another table’s cake.

Your wedding cake is going to be the image of your wedding. When your guests look back on that most important of days in your life, you want them to remember every aspect, every detail, as the utmost in splendor. From the vows, to the dresses, to the flowers, and the food, it’s a given that you want your day to be rich with sumptuousness, and that means choosing the cake that perfectly suits your union. Contact a professional decorator of wedding cakes to discuss details on designing the perfect wedding cake for your perfect day.

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