A theater… right inside your home? Can you think of anything cooler?! Combining the fun and excitement of going to the movies with the cost and convenience of staying at home. And do you know what the coolest part is about a home theater? It’s the fact that nearly anyone can afford it these days. Where building a home theater in your own home used to mean you were a millionaire living in a mansion, today so many more folks can afford their own home theater, especially if they know how to put it all together. But where do you start? Should you just run out to your nearest audio superstore? If not, then how much research do you need to do ahead of time? Exactly what goes into a home theater? Before you commit to purchasing items you may not need or technology that might be obsolete soon, you really do need to read up on home theaters. Following is information from home theater installation experts about what components typically go into a home theater and some tips on technology before you make any commitments to purchasing.

Why do you need a home theater?

Okay, so, technically no one needs a home theater… but everybody wants one! So, perhaps the more appropriate question is, “Should I buy one pre-packaged system that’s already put together, or should I build my own home theater?” This really depends on how much time you’re willing to put into getting your home theater all together. Are you someone who likes to do your research, perhaps reading up on home theater system components on the Internet and talking to experts in home audio installation and home theater installation? Or are you someone who just prefers to leave it to the pros? Whatever your typical modus operandi is, you have to do what’s right for you. If you do decide to build your home theater component by component, you’ll likely have more control over the outcome, and you can add one component at a time whenever you have the money. This is a great idea for folks who may not want to purchase everything all at once. On the other hand, going for one pre-packaged system is, of course, less time consuming, and you get to enjoy the whole system right away. Whichever method you choose will get you to a great home theater system that you’ll be able to enjoy for years to come.

What should you include in your home theater?

When it comes to choosing the components of your home theater, you want to think about two things: audio and visual. Sounds obvious, but it really isn’t. Putting your home theater into these terms really makes it more manageable, especially if you’re building one component at a time. For a great home theater system, you want a high-definition picture, and you want surround-sound that makes you feel like you’ve gone to the movies


Without an amazing, high-def picture, you may as well just stick with what you have. If you’re going to do this, you need to do it right. Regardless of how much you have to spend, you’ll likely spend a big chunk of your budget on the TV, and for good reason. You want your home theater experience to feel like a real theater experience. Go for high resolution, consider cool flat panel installation, and while you’re at it, you might want to go for one of the new 3D TVs.


If you don’t know anything about speakers, you should talk to the pros. Contact a home theater installation expert in your area for information about the best types of speakers, subwoofers, etc., that will be best for your home and your goals. For the audio portion, if you’re building your own, consider a subwoofer and no less than 5 voice-matched speakers.

Universal remote

A home theater isn’t just about an amazing, high-def, 3D picture, and breathtaking sound that surrounds you. It’s also about convenience. Whatever you do, don’t even consider a home theater without pulling it all together with a universal remote. There… you just added about two years to life, not having to fumble with all those annoying separate remotes.

If you’ve always dreamed of owning your very own home theater, you’re in luck; technology has finally caught up to your dreams. Today’s home theater equipment is more impressive than even the savviest of techies could have imagined. Whether you decide on a pre-built system with everything you need in one big combo, or you’re opting to build your system piece by piece, once thing’s for sure… you’ll never be sorry you finally decided to go for it. And home theater installation in New Jersey is so cutting edge these days, your fantasy is just about to become a reality!


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