Pop singer Taylor Swift has been known to say of this glorious season, “I love the scents of winter! It’s all about the feeling you get when you smell pumpkin spice, cinnamon, nutmeg, gingerbread, and spruce.” Who could have said it more succinctly? Ironically, it’s that kind of warmth that people feel about this often cool season, with all its celebrations, holidays, and family gatherings that make so many couples choose winter for their weddings today than ever before. If you’ve chosen winter for your nuptials, it’s likely because you’ve dreamed of an exquisite winter wedding for quite some time. But you may also be wondering about the types of flowers that will be available in this often crisp and seemingly budless season. No worries. The truth is that the variety of flowers available in winter are many, and their beauty is just as enticing and vibrant as the flowers available in any other season of the year. Here are tips about the many blooms of winter from wedding florists in New York that will help you decide on flowers for every area and participant in your wedding.

Alstroemeria (also known as Peruvian Lily)

Though this exquisite flower actually is in season and available all year-round, its small but quiet boldness that comes in an array of colors makes it ideal for your winter wedding. The beautiful flecked blossoms of the Peruvian lily come in colors that accentuate a winter wedding perfectly, including the ever-popular winter white, as well as red, orange, yellow, pink, and even lavender. Peruvian lily’s petals can also work quite well for boutonnieres.


Another year-round beauty, Bouvardia is another bud that makes winter wedding flower design easier to plan. Bouvardia’s beautiful star-shaped blossoms are available in exquisite yet hardy colors including the fundamental colors of a winter wedding, white and red, plus other hues and tints that include peach and pink. Additionally, Bouvardia’s clustered flowers work well for corsages as well as bridal party bouquets.

Calla Lily

Bridal bouquets that have the exquisite and popular Calla Lily in them culminate into perfection for winter weddings. First, one of the best things about Calla Lilies is that they are available year-round, making your winter wedding floral choices a bit easier and cost effective. Additionally, because these beauties come in a variety of colors, a top florist near you can add them to any bouquet or floral arrangement with ease. Calla Lily’s color palette includes a winter wedding’s essential ivory as well as red, plus light pink, dark pink, yellow, burgundy, and orange.


You didn’t really think you’d read an article about which flowers are best for winter weddings without the inclusion of the incomparable rose, did you? Roses are the emblem of romantic love, and that means that a winter wedding without them is almost unheard of these days. And, because roses are available all year-round, your winter wedding plans are satisfied much more conveniently with their inclusion. Plus, roses come in colors that work with each and every wedding’s color palette, including winter’s perfect white, red, yellow, pale pink, dark pink, apricot, cream, lavender, and burgundy.

Winter weddings are about creativity, uniqueness, and the deep expression of your love. They’re about hardy and enduring passion and majestic and quite power. No other season of the year has quite the power that winter holds, for in winter there is no question that your love will be front and center in a quiet yet bold way. And the flowers you have to choose from in winter, though they may not be quite as abundant, are every bit as magnificent as the blooms available in any other season you could have chosen. When it comes to wedding flower design in New York City and throughout the country, winter has a special place in the hearts of wedding florists. Why? Because the beauty, challenge, and reward of designing the perfect flower arrangements and bouquets for a winter wedding make for some satisfying artistry that simply cannot be matched. If you need more information about the many flower varieties available in winter, consult today with a wedding florist near you.