If it’s your job to promote a lawyer, you may find yourself with some headaches you never counted on. Whether you’re promoting yourself, another individual lawyer, or a law firm, finding prospective clients is a job all by itself. And getting those prospective clients to choose a lawyer you’re promoting may seem like an even tougher task. But promoting a lawyer actually is like promoting just about any other profession these days. In fact, promoting a lawyer may even be simpler today than ever, considering technology and social media. There are a number of concrete steps you can take that will help you promote a law practice and grow your business from one level to the next more quickly than you realized possible.

Online Marketing

In today’s technological world, no other marketing tool beats having an online presence. Nearly everyone hits the Internet when they’re searching for anything, particularly when they’re in need of legal representation. More people find themselves not only researching answers to their legal troubles online, but also looking for potential lawyers to hire there as well. Some of the most effective ways to promote a lawyer online include through branding, social media, online profiles, well-written content and even educational videos.


Branding is an important tool in today’s market, regardless of the industry. Lawyers particularly can benefit from developing their own brand, whether you’re an individual or you work for a law firm. In fact, according to a recent study, upwards of 80 percent of law firms reported that they received the majority of their website traffic via their lawyers’ online bios. One of the most important things to note here is that it was individual biographies that brought most folks to those websites. In other words, people who are looking for legal representation not only want to learn about the law firm that will be representing them, but also the individual or individuals who will be on their legal team. Promote yourself—your ‘brand’—online so that potential clients will see you as a real person.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram—these are just a few of the sites where lawyers not only can but should promote themselves. (By the way, these are three of the most popular and effective sites as well.) No, not everyone is on social media these days, but you won’t miss the three people who aren’t.

Online Bios and Profiles

Part of your branding, again, will be your online bio or profile. In order to maximize promotion of you and your practice, be sure to make yourself look as real online as you are in person. Include relevant credentials you have, including your education. Include your past work experience, a current professional photo, links to your publications and any other websites you’re  involved in, as well as your own personal ‘mission statement.’ Have a professional writer nail down just the right words that will properly promote you in your profile.

In the community

Yes, a social media presence is a vital part of your business today, but it’s also very important that you are seen as the vital member of the community you are.

Sponsor a charitable event

Participate in local events, particularly charitable events that exhibit to your community how much you care about its people. Get involved in local high school and college events such as sporting events, health fairs, and job fairs. You may even want to consider sponsoring a local sports team such as a little league softball team with its members not only wearing your jerseys, but also pointing to you as a trusted member of the community.

Send out cards and promotional items

Thank-you cards, birthday cards, and promotional items such as pens, believe it or not, are still an excellent means of not only getting out the message of your business, but in also branding yourself. After all, everyone still gets mail via the U.S. Government!

Naturally, you want as many people in your community who need to choose a lawyer to choose you. Promoting a lawyer is not as difficult as it might seem. Millions more people daily find themselves in a situation where they need legal representation, which means they’re actually out there looking for you. With an online presence and some community connections, your client basis likely will grow more quickly than you thought possible.