With the legislation that covers Medicare and Medicaid being constantly revised, baby boomers searching for comprehensive, affordable insurance might feel as if they are facing an uphill battle. Finding such coverage can be intimidating, but with the right search criteria, it doesn’t have to be. If you live in NJ you can use an insurance company that works with clients to create  personalized insurance checklist that itemize baby boomers’ individual needs.

When selecting a specialty insurance provider, baby boomers should consider the areas of life that protection is sough for —health or medical expenses, general life, loved ones, and even belongings. Baby boomers probably want to do this all at an affordable rate, without being taken advantage of. If you live in NJ you can use an local insurance company to guide a baby boomer through the steps necessary to insure all these elements and at an affordable rate.  They may even find some discounts that the policy holder didn’t know existed.

Health Insurance

Medicare and Medicaid can be very difficult for baby boomers to afford, even if they don’t have any preexisting conditions. Since the legislation changes so frequently, the chosen healthcare provider might be covered one day but then dropped the next. For baby boomers who are covered, the premiums might be so high that they can’t afford to pay the deductible. A disability insurance provider will recognize when a baby boomer is paying too much, and can help to negotiate a lower rate. Furthermore, they will know of plans that can provide discounts just for signing up. Obamacare offers tax credits to eligible applicants, and AARP/Aetna plans will give discounts to baby boomers not just on their health insurance, but on car rentals, prescriptions, meal discounts, and so much more. A top insurance company in New Jersey may also recommend signing up for a True Care card, which, when presented to a pharmacist, will save up to 85% of a copay for prescription medications, whether they are name-brand or generic.

Life Insurance

Now that retirement isn’t so far in the future, or has already been a milestone, the life insurance needs of the baby boomer may change. At this stage, life insurance is unfortunately somewhat harder to get for a first-time policyholder. For those who already have life insurance, make sure that the list of beneficiaries are current, and that all debts will be covered in the event of an untimely death. No one wants to be a burden to his or her children, especially not a financial burden once they are gone. Instead, be a gift to one’s children, in life and after, by making sure that a life insurance policy is current and still reflects the most recent wishes of the baby boomer.
Auto Insurance

Though it may seem counterintuitive, baby boomers can qualify for reduced automobile insurance rates. Even if a driver’s license hasn’t expired, consider getting it renewed after taking a senior driving course at a local DMV. Admittedly, no one wants to spend more time at the DMV than absolutely necessary, but proof of passing these courses will help to qualify for certain discounts on auto policies, even if the policy holder already has a great rate. Furthermore, health insurance rates might go down since the baby boomer will be less likely to get into an accident. Disability insurance providers will recognize opportunities like these to bundle into policies, and will find ways to make a discount in one area and earn further discounts in others.


It’s time to start getting carded again. No, not when purchasing adult beverages, but when applying for senior discounts on insurance. Not only do they exist, but members will also receive discounts at qualifying merchants and service providers. Baby boomer insurance members are basically being paid to have insurance! The savings can even outnumber the monthly payments on a good insurance policy. So contact top insurance companies in New Jersey or a disability insurance provider for more information regarding which discounts the baby boomer can qualify for. There are definitely more than some might think.

Even for baby boomers who are just starting out and the multifaceted elements of insurance seem intimidating; it is never too late to start learning. Baby boomers can still qualify for insurance, and at discounted rates, too. Consult with a disability insurance provider or a top insurance company in New Jersey to begin planning for to future, and to ensure long-term success.