Home theaters are becoming a common part of homes nowadays. Modern technology has given individuals the opportunity to be able to watch a movie from their computer laptops, tablets, and even handheld smartphones. However, these devices cannot replicate the experience of watching a film in a movie theater. A home theater can give you that same movie theater experience by truly bringing to life the story being projected on the big screen. Often, noise and light are two major factors responsible for a disturbed and uncomfortable ambiance. The required ambiance of theater rooms is different than that of other rooms in a home. A home theater requires complete darkness and no noise so that you can enjoy watching your movies from home. Window blinds and shades with blackout material are one of the best and cost-effective ways to filter those disturbances. Who wouldn’t love to enjoy a movie from the comfort of their home without any noise or disturbance?

Blocking Sunlight

There are certain brands of blackout shades that can block 99 percent of light from entering the house. So if you have unusual sleep habits, such as sleeping during daylight hours, you may want to invest in blackout shades. Blackout shades are great for a good night sleep. They help create ambiance of night, so your body can get a better night sleep. Light plays a very important role in making or breaking the ambiance of any area, especially theater rooms. Most blackout shades can also control the level of darkness according to the time, need, and temperature of the area.

Blocking Noise

Not only can blackout shades help create complete darkness in a home theater room, but they can also help improve the sound. Some homeowners have blackout shades installed to enhance their media rooms. Blackout shades can help block out noise entering their homes, blocking out up to 40 percent noise. Home theater blackout shades insulate the area and block the excessive sound outside, making the room quieter and more comfortable. This is another benefit for those people trying to sleep in the day, or even at night if you have noisy neighbors.


Blackout shades can help trap heat inside the house, particularly during the winter. They also help block sunlight and heat during the summer. Besides the less light and heat that enters your space, the less you will be required to use air conditioning for your home. This can help you save on electricity. Blackout shades can help prevent losing thermal energy, which helps reduce your utility bills.

Smart Home Windows

Smart home windows blinds can be cordless and can be operated with a remote or your smartphones. You can also program home theater blackout shades as per the time, temperature, and whether with the help of sensors or a timer. These smart home window blinds come with Somfy Z-wave motors which can be controlled with a virtual cord remote. This gives you the option to operate single or multiple shades with a remote. You can also add a feature that gives you hands-free convenience, allowing you to use voice commands with voice assistants, such as Google Home and Amazon Echo.

Installation & Maintenance

Blackout window shades are very easy to install, but if you ever need any assistance you can contact an expert. They are also very simple at cleaning and maintaining. You will only need to do a regular dusting or vacuuming.

Choose Window Shades that Best Fit Your Home

When it comes to home theater blackout shades you must think that they’re only a few specific options to choose from. But, there isn’t there are so many specifications, such as size, shape, color, design, pattern, material, functionality, and others. You can even get them customized to your need or choice of your home.


Although these shades are great for your home theater, they can also keep your home safe. Motorizing your window blinds can be a similarly way to increase the appearance of someone being at home. When something about your home changes, whether it’s the light or position of your shades, it may appear as if someone has recently been in the home. This could make your home less of a target.